Marketers – the new detectives

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Customer relationships are not the sole remit of the marketing department, however marketers can play a key role in highlighting the issues that prevent a company from being fully committed to improving their customers’ experience.

Up to 20 years ago, Customer relationships were the responsibility of one or maybe 2 departments within a business, often working in isolation. In recent years, new thinking has been applied to how organizations should view and build relationships. We are now firmly in the era of customer centricity, where every part of the business plays a role in nourishing and growing the link and understanding of customers. In an age of ‘Customer obsession” data, a 360 customer view, customer success is a ‘total business’ responsibility. In this context, not only has Marketing acquired revenue growth responsibility, but its effectiveness has been enabled by digital technologies.

This means that Marketing now has sight and insight to provide to other areas of the business - that it previously could not support - in developing the quality of their customer relationships. By leveraging the data now at their fingertips, marketers can become the internal detectives of any organisation, helping uncover and pinpoint potential “weak” points that need addressing. Let’s take a look at a few of the issues that marketing can help fix:

  • Product: the business is pitching the wrong, inferior or badly tested product to customers.
  • Capture: teams are incorrectly populating CRM systems, or the CRM system itself is flawed, which means customer understanding is low.
  • Application: teams’ inability to see meaningful outputs from the CRM, starving them of insights.
  • Pre and After Sales: poor, insufficient on-boarding and/or aftersales support.
  • Resolution: inadequate problem resolution, with ‘solutions’ fudged and lessons neither shared nor learned from.
  • Technology: outdated solutions that do not meet the purposes of nowadays’ needs.
  • Insight: a failure to ‘recognise’ customers’ behaviour and understand when and where they need support.

By bringing data-based insight and solutions to these challenges, Marketing is now in a position to support and help the business as a whole transform into a fully customer centric entity. What’s more, in applying technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, this process becomes proactive, automated and embedded into every customer interaction.

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