Hopes for AI and workplace realities

Andy Campbell
HCM Strategy Director at Oracle

What image comes to mind when I say ‘artificial intelligence’? Only a few years ago, many would have talked about a human-like robot from a Hollywood blockbuster. But now, things are a little different.

We know AI touches multiple areas of our everyday lives, from the phones in our pockets to the services we use to shop, travel, and enjoy our downtime. In a recent study Oracle conducted with HR advisory and research firm Future Workplace, 70% of US employees reported using some form of AI in the personal lives. But that doesn’t match their workplace experiences, where less than a quarter (24%) use AI.

Our AI at Work study looks at the use of AI in the workplace now and into the future, particularly within the HR function. And after surveying over 1,300 employees and HR leaders in the US, across a spread of industries and functions, we’re optimistic about AI’s future:

  • Productivity boosts: 46% of employees estimate a productivity boost of at least 10% in the next three years, thanks to the introduction of AI into the workplace – and 62% of HR leaders predict the same.
  • Greater efficiency: 59% of employees and HR leaders feel that the greatest benefit of AI would be improved operational efficiencies.
  • Bots in HR: 58% of HR professionals report that AI bots are already being used during the employee lifecycle.

However, there is still some way to go, as 35% of employees are concerned or scared about how AI will impact the future of work. And only 21% believe that their organization is ‘adequately prepared’ to handle artificial intelligence.

But HR leaders recognize its power, particularly for greater insight. More than a quarter (29%) report that it’s currently being used by their business to collect data on customers and employees, while over half (51%) agree that this is an area where AI could be used. This is no longer a technology of tomorrow, but one that they can champion and see the potential of today.

Harnessing this data through the latest cloud software, augmented with AI, could yield new levels of insight into talent data, assisting with recruitment, development, churn detection, and flight risk prediction. All while improving efficiency.

Our report Delivering on the Promise of Digital Innovation, shares the thoughts and experiences of executives from some of the top brands in the world.

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