• July 5, 2018

Crunch time—what’s cloud ERP really worth?

Deirdre Houchen
Senior Marketing Director, ERP/EPM, Oracle

How effective are your financial processes today? Are they helping you to simplify decision-making so you can respond flexibly to market changes, or slowing you down and making you less competitive? You can now take a quick and simple online test to discover how much value you can unleash from implementing the latest, cloud-based ERP technology.

Cloud is now the standard environment for ERP and, according to the latest research*, 76% of finance organisations have firm plans to move there, with 51% planning to make the move within the next 12 months. The main reason quoted by finance leaders for moving ERP to the cloud is its potential for budget savings (47%), while the main benefit reported by those that have already made the move is staying current on technology (81%).

Yes, cost savings are also an important benefit reported by those that have implemented ERP in the cloud (63%). But usability benefits (76%), increased flexibility (65%) and, as already mentioned, staying current on technology are the top three benefits. So the cloud is now both the default, and also the most functionally effective way of implementing ERP—according to its actual users.


Discover new value

So what are all those new functional capabilities worth in real money? And what’s the full value of moving ERP into the cloud for your business specifically, once you’ve also factored in the cost savings? There is now a useful online tool that can tell you. Simply enter a few details about your organisation to get started, such as annual revenue, industry and number of employees.

The tool will calculate your personalised estimate of the overall financial value of cloud-based ERP, and also provide individual analyses of how it can help you in each of these five areas:

  • Improve decision making to drive more profitability
  • Increase finance staff productivity
  • Reduce accounts payable processing costs
  • Minimise software support and upgrade costs
  • Optimise planning and budgeting cycle times


Access endless innovation

Finance organisations that have made the move to cloud are enjoying major cost savings, as expected, and they’re also benefitting from access to a wide range of new technologies. There’s no more rip and replace every two years, followed by a steep user learning curve. Instead, there are incremental releases of software updates that drip-feed new functionality directly into everyday use. Moreover, advanced capabilities, such as intelligent process automation, machine learning and next generation analytics, are also being made available.

That means businesses that have migrated their ERP solutions to the cloud are able to make faster decisions, and are also able to create major, new, additional sources of value with the new technology. In turn, that’s making possible a wide range of competitive benefits for cloud ERP users that are simply inaccessible to everyone else, helping them establish unassailable operational advantages.

Find out how much you can gain — use this online tool to create your own personalised report on the value of using Oracle ERP Cloud to simplify your decision making now.


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