• July 5, 2018

Create new value in your supply chain

Ulf Koester
Solution Director Oracle Digital Transformation Solutions

Industry 4.0 technologies are enabling organisations to innovate across their production and supply chains like never before. But the risks associated with implementing new technology means projects are often limited in scope to help ensure positive returns on investment. So how do you unleash the full value available by taking a single, holistic, end-to-end approach to innovation across your entire supply chain? Indeed, how can you put a figure on the potential ROI from doing that—one that you can weigh against the potential risks? There is now a powerful online tool that can help you do exactly that based on your own specific business circumstances.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet Of Things and Robotic Process Automation, among others, are ushering in a new era of product development and manufacturing. New capabilities—made possible through connecting your supply chain operations, functions, devices and data in the cloud—are enabling businesses to innovate in completely new ways.

Indeed, the modern digital supply chain now starts in product design. It includes all your raw-materials’ suppliers and stretches through each of your in-house production processes. It also includes your sales channels and distribution network, reaching through to post-sales support to finally capture customer feedback—which can then be fed back to inform product design in an infinite development loop. By creating a digital framework—to view these elements as part of a single ecosystem—you can create powerful new economies across existing operations, and also identify new ways to innovate.


How can your business benefit?

You can now put a figure on how much value you can create for your business by using a helpful online tool. Simply enter a few details about your business to get started—annual revenue, industry and number of employees—and discover the potential opportunity overall, along with a detailed, personalised breakdown of how you can:

  • Cut back on the costs of supply chain operations
  • Minimise maverick spend
  • Reduce operations costs for logistics
  • Increase operating profit via improved product lifecycle management
  • Optimise inventory carrying cost


Get the full picture

In each of these five areas, you can also gain access to a wide range of supporting content—videos, customer success stories, blogs, eBooks and more—to help you see how you can drive maximum success. Your personalised report will summarise the findings of the tool, with links to yet further resources, for use in your business cases. Because, while 67% of UK manufacturers recognise Industry 4.0 as an opportunity, only 25% feel they have an adequate understanding of its issues, implications, threats and opportunities*—this is your opportunity to join that group.


Now is the time to deliver

Now is the time to act in adopting an Industry 4.0 approach to your supply chain. We are at a watershed moment where those businesses that are first to drive economies and identify new opportunities in their business processes will enjoy considerable competitive advantages over those that follow. Moreover, as well as the cost benefits, the first movers will also get a head start on how to innovate within their supply chains, enabling them to deliver successive waves of value faster.


Find out how much you can gain — use this online tool to create your own personalised report on the value of using Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud for your business now.

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