Be ahead of the game with future(s) proofed marketing

Avoid the tunnel vision. Look at the wider landscape. Don’t use data to look at individual channels performance now, but to create personal and compelling content that your customers want today and tomorrow.

There’s a saying in sport that you should watch the game, not the ball. What this means is, the smartest players are several moves ahead ─ they anticipate where the ball might be next rather than where it is now. In evolving strategies to adapt to and deal with each scenario, these players are influencers ─ not just participants.

There’s a valuable marketing lesson here. The smartest marketers anticipate a range of rapidly changing situations. In this scenario, the ‘ball’ is the marketing channel, be it a traditional or the “new” digital routes ─ focus on one of these because it’s latest and trendiest and you’ll be left behind. The ‘game’ is customer engagement. Your ability to ‘see’ here is your data, whilst your ability to ‘anticipate’ is the customer insight you derive from it, the ways this is shared across your organisation and how you harness it all to business goals.

Data fosters creative ideas. Ideas come to life in content. Content will always be adaptable to channels ─ but not adapted to a channel. If you create content specifically aimed at the one or two channels of the moment, it will only be relevant for that moment. Using data to create flexible content that adapts, however, and you can purpose it for the channels of this moment… and the next.

Data also drives insight. Insight leads to understanding. And better understanding means we can deliver both personalised and scaled marketing assets. Not only can you then show your customer wants specifically, but you can anticipate their needs, delivering the services they want in this moment…and the next.

Nobody knows what the marketing environment will look like in a year, let alone 10 ─ but your data means that you don’t need to. Predictive analytics, now possible through technologies like AI or Cloud computing will be giving you that extra edge to help differentiate and stay ahead of the game or even the whole tournament.

To find out more about how Oracle can help you future(s) proof marketing, try out our CX ROI tool. 

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