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New technologies and innovations have always fascinated us: it’s one of the reasons science fiction has been so popular for so long. We can’t help being intoxicated by the possibilities of new inventions, and for years, artificial intelligence (AI) was considered just that: a possibility, not a reality.

But that’s no longer the case. AI and Machine Learning (ML) are streamlining our personal and work lives, and many HR teams have realised the potential of AI to help them truly support personnel in their day to day roles– both current and future. And it may be chatbots that showed the way.

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Richard Bassinder, from Yorkshire Building Society, notes the growing popularity of customer service bots. Rather than tired, static FAQ pages – or waiting on the phone helpline – he sees customers asking increasingly sophisticated questions of bots. They experience faster service, and staff focus on the more complex requests, delivering more valuable service.

And bots will be used by HR too. Forrester predicts that by 2020, job applications for 20% of large global enterprises will involve candidates interacting with chatbots before recruiters.

Existing staff could also direct questions to bots, allowing HR teams to avoid repeatedly answering the most common queries, and instead provide a better level of support for specific employee needs. And one of those needs is development.

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Dr Becky Sage, CEO of Interactive Scientific, points out that AI is often approached with caution – even feared. And she should know: her company looks at how people interact with the scientific world. But she believes AI could be used to create personalized learning experiences, based on how data is measured and fed back, and how different people explore it.

For HR teams striving to deliver tailored development programs, this could open doors to training that better caters to each employee’s specific needs and preferences. But it isn’t the only possibility out there born from combining data with AI or ML.

Working with Future Workplace, we surveyed over 1,300 US employees and HR leaders, across a variety of sectors and functions, to create our AI at Work [EP1] report – and find out what’s really happening with AI in HR. Read it to learn what it’s unlocking now, and could bring in the future.

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