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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere ─ and nowhere. The gap between ambition and achievement seems vast, so this series of three blogs looks at the potential, application and implementation of AI in an innovative marketing environment.

From garbage to gold

Let’s start at the beginning. You’re looking to deliver a gold standard customer experience (CX), and how this delivers ROI, every day. So, let’s think of simple, but fundamental, gold service CX.

Buying shoes in-store you’re met with a friendly smile, which says, “Welcome, feel free to browse, but I’m here if you need me.” You can’t decide between two pairs: the salesperson appears on cue, asks killer questions and gives great advice. Now you find exactly what you’re looking for and are so impressed, you buy both and come back for more. Kerching!

Switch to many digital experiences and CX is less satisfying than gold: assaulted by prompts; no advice; and bombarded across the wrong channels with the wrong products at the wrong times with the wrong messages. Frustrated, you buy nothing and bin the brand.  

The difference? Gold is based on the salesperson’s ability to read behaviour. Bad experience comes from inflexible rules ─ trying to replicate human intelligence with dumb technology.

Artificial intelligence ─ human experience

The solution is marketing technologies that harness data to achieve goals. Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI are converging on marketing innovations that read a digital customer like the instore sales person ─ analysing behaviour to understand preferences. Smart, automated marketing technologies, will:

  • Greet customers with a smile that says, “Welcome, browse, but we’re here if you need us.”
  • Appear on cue with great advice based on personal understanding.
  • Inspire purchases, brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Measure, visualise and prove the “Kerching!” of marketing ROI.

The first step is to look at where ─ honestly ─ your marketing gives a poor experience and how AI can turn it to gold. In the next blog, we’ll look at the technologies that will get you there. If you’d like to find out more beforehand, take a look at our Insights.[EP1] 


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