Wednesday Mar 05, 2008

LDAP eTime Analysis Tool

Directory Server eTime Analysis Tool


I recently posted a tool on Sun's website to help LDAP engineers with performance and benchmarks.

In a nutshell, this tool will parse an LDAP access log pulling out eTime information and presenting the results of this data as a histogram of eTimes and counts for each LDAP operation.

The introduction on the wiki states:

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) can provide the administrator some very useful information in the access logs around timing. In particular, the etimes can provide some insight into how the directory is performing the internal operations. The script will provide the user a histogram report of all the etimes and counts providing a visual representation of operation performance.

This is in addition to what is available from other performance tools such as

SLAMD. In those tools, most of the results are averages, where this script will provide the actual etimes of the directory operations. It is important to note that etimes in the directory server represent the elapsed etime during the operation internal to the directory server. It doesn't include network or potential queuing time that other tools would help measure.

Over time, I hope to add more information on this wiki to make it easier to use. You'll find a .zip archive of the script, some sample access logs and a sample OpenOffice Spreadsheet to help slice and dice the data. Below is a screenshot of this spreadsheet.

Please let me know if you find the tool useful and if you have any useful enhancements.

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Friday Jan 25, 2008

FAMFest 08 is Complete

As mentioned in Pat's blog, we just wrapped up a great week in Vegas with some incredibly talented folks from Sun's Federation and Access Management communities, also known as FAMFest. Here's a pic of the attendees from our '08 event.


What is FAMFest? A get together of federation and access management experts to build out product demos of Federation Access Manager 8.0. It was an great event with all 21 attendees working over 10 hour days to put together the foundation for our next generation of federation and access management demos and products. I was very proud to be a part of this effort.

We can't wait to share the results of our work in upcoming weeks and months. Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

FAMTalk: Talking about Federated Access Management

This week, a few colleagues (Tim Campbell, Steven Jarosz and Pat Patterson) and myself launched a podcast, called FAMTalk (FAM short for Federated Access Management), podcast dedicated to the discussion of federation and access management.

Checkout episodes 1a and 1b as we kick things off with Tim's discussion around Sun's Access and Federation Manager. We'll also be sure to include a lot of discussion around OpenSSO. Make sure you subscribe to the RSS Feed or iTunes so you don't miss anything.

 Images Famtalk

Now, this show is a 2-way street. It requires your participation through the use of emails, comments and suggestions. And if you have a project to share, join us live on an episode. Even send us an audio file of your questions and we'll try to include that in the show.

We hope to make this a monthly podcast with each of us hosing different episodes. And we are also somewhat new to this podcasting thing, so bear with us as we figure out the right audio levels, music, etc... Help us shape where this goes.

Talking FAM with you soon!

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Sunday Oct 21, 2007

CEC2007-DS6 Presentation..Thanks Ludo

Cleaning out some email from the last two weeks and came across this picture from the session that Ludovic Poitou and I gave on Directory Server 6.

First, you may remember the photo I took from my iPhone. The picture below (From Ludo's camera) is of me and Ludo before our session.


Ludo - Thanks for spending the time with me preparing this session, presenting that Monday and the time spent the rest of the week in Las Vegas. And for others out there that may get a chance to work with Ludo in the future, take it when you can.

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Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Project OpenPTK is LIVE!

OpenptkWhile at Sun's Customer Engineering Conference (CEC) 2007 in Las Vegas this week, we launched the first release of Project Open Provisioning ToolKit, or Project OpenPTK. Myself along with Scott Fehrman and Derrick Harcey released version 1.0 of OpenPTK as a community project on

"Project Open Provisioning ToolKit (OpenPTK) provides a bridge between Identity Solutions and specialized user interfaces or access points."

The initial release includes a consumer Java API, Web Services (.wsdl), HTML Taglibs, and JSR-168 portlets with user self-service, administration and command line interface (CLI) examples. The architecture supports several pluggable back-end services including Sun's Identity Manager (via SPML) and future Sun's Access Manager and LDAPv3 support. The following is a high-level architecture representing these consumer and service tiers as well as a glimpse into some of the Framework Tier elements. Look for forthcoming blogs on these different areas.


We look forward to the ride ahead and ongoing learning experience as we gain support from the Identity Management community. With this out in the open, we welcome any comments, suggestions and best of all, your contributions to the community.

Already a big thanks to Mark Dixon (Discovering Identity), Marty and Tatsuo Kudo for blogging about their initial experiences with OpenPTK at CEC.

Please visit our home page or Community Project and Join Us!

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Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

CEC2007 - Day 1 Recap

What a whirlwind day 1 for myself and my colleagues at CEC. I can't imagine a better day on several fronts.

Directory Server 6 Tips, Tricks and Secrets I can't do a better job than the following folks (Rajesh, Tatsuo, Marty's Blog, Terry Gardner, Terry Gardner 2, on their blogs from the session that Ludovic and presented yesterday. I know that Ludovic and I had a great time putting it together and sharing the many tips, tricks and secrets on directory.

Project OpenPTK After 21 months of thought, design, code and documentation, me and my awesome colleagues, Scott Fehrman and Derrick Harcey officially launched OpenPTK. I won't go into detail here as we'll provide more info in a forthcoming blog.

Cowboys over Bills (25-24) Even though Tony Romo and the refs did everything they could to stop the Cowboys from winning Monday Night Football, Folk's 53 yd field goal (two actually) with 2 seconds left brought them to 5-0 setting up a great game this next Sunday against the 5-0 Pats.

Craps And to top the night off, I had a once in a lifetime night at the craps table. Note to self, stay away the tables tonight.

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Monday Oct 08, 2007

CEC2007-Directory Tips, Tricks and Secrets Session

Had some great attendance at our Directory Server Tips, Tricks and Secrets session today.  Here's a pic of the class saying hi.


To all the attendees of the session, Thanks!  I look to get more of the tools we discussed out to the masses.  Any questions from the session, just drop me an email. 

CEC2007 - Ready for Day 1 Sessions

Made my way to Las Vegas Sunday morning.  Note to self..."don't ever book a 6:40am flight to Las Vegas".  The airport/city is dead at 7:30am in the morning and you can't check into the hotel until 10:30am.

Today, I'm getting ready for a couple of sessions that I and some colleagues are giving:

Why do we get the lucky draw of a 6pm slot.  I will try to take some picks from the sessions and post them later in the day with some comments about each session.

If you are a CEC 2007 participant, and see this, please say hi during one of my sessions.

Friday Oct 05, 2007

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas...

Early Sunday morning, I head out to Paris in Las Vegas for a week of the Sun Customer Engineering Conference (CEC). The motto for vegas is

"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas".

I along with many other Sun and Partner attendees will hopefully be breaking that rule this year as we blog about different sessions and goings on.

Maybe even some updates from the craps tables. I hope to get out an article later today previewing some of the directory and identity related sessions for the week.

Monday Feb 19, 2007

LinuxWorld OpenSolution Summit Panel

Last week, I traveled to LinuxWorld in New York to sit on a panel on Identity and Web Services Federation in a Linux Environment.  As for the panel, the participation was light due to a) the weather in the NorthEast last week (see pic below) b) change to our conference room and c) we were the last session of the day.  I'd estimate we had only 12 attendees in our session.  As expected, many of the participants hadn't embarked on any Identity/Federation projects.

I did get the opportunity to speak with 3 journalists prior to the panel on Identity and Access Management at Sun.  I also had a great Reuben sandwich at Junior's, just South and across the street from the Marriott Marquis.

Prior to the event, I was interviewed with Jack Loftus of

The morning of the event, I also had the opportunity to speak with Amy Wohl of Amy Wohl's Opinions.  We had a great discussion around Identity and Access Management at Sun as well as some of Sun's OpenSource initiatives in this area. I'm looking forward to her article.  As her and other articles are posted, I'll try to create a Blog entry with my comments.

btw, travel to this event was not fun.  My plane arrived in NYC at Noon in the middle of 40 knot gusts and blowing snow/ice.  I was very happy to set down.  Luckily, I was in the Marriott Marquis, same place as LinuxWorld.  I did have a great view of Times Square.  Checkout the pic below:

Monday Jan 22, 2007


Today, a new open source initiative was announced, OpenLiberty. 

This will allow openSource developers to incorporate security and privacy capabilities from the Liberty Alliance Project and Web Services into Identity appliations.

This is great news.  See you on the OpenLiberty Wiki and discussion groups!

Thursday Jan 18, 2007

Privacy...What does it mean to you?

What does privacy mean to you?

Send your definition, example use to me at  I'll put together everyone's comments and create a little article about it.


[Read More]

Monday Dec 11, 2006

Kudos to DSEE 6.0...coming soon

The majority of my work at Sun involves working with customers creating solutions using the Sun's portfolio of software products. I've been working with Sun's Directory Server and Identity products for many years and recently took part in a couple month benchmark on Sun's upcoming Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.0 (coming soon).

DSEE 6.0 Performance Rocks!

The performance and scalability of DSEE 6.0 running on Solaris and Sun's x64 line of servers and storage was nothing short of AMAZING!

DSEE 6.0 a service

Manageability of an LDAP service and all associated masters and proxy services are managed from a single Web Console or command line. I wish I had this 6 years ago when I ran a large directory service.

I hope to be able to share more as we come close to releasing the product to customers.

Monday Aug 07, 2006

Exciting Futures in Open Directory

Last week, an exciting development in the Directory (LDAP) market quietly occurred. As mentioned in Neil's (cn=Directory Manager) blog, the base to a new directory service, rearchitected from the ground up, was released under open source CDDL.

The current Sun Directory Server has over a 10 year history going back to the Netscape Directory Server 1.0 days. Since then almost every cell phone subscriber, bank customer and government citizen is housed and managed in a Sun Directory Server somewhere in this world.

Now, Sun and it's employees have "primed the pump" with an open source code base of a newly architected directory service. I can't wait to see performance numbers of the future. When you get a chance, I'd highly recommend joining some of the mail aliases to keep up with the exciting changes.

Join us at:




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