Monday Jul 20, 2009

Code For Freedom 2008 Prize Distribution Ceremony

Code For Freedom 2008 Prize Winners

Code For Freedom 2008 Prize Winners

The Sun Code For Freedom contest concluded recently with the prize distribution ceremony in Fortune Select JP Cosmos, Bangalore on July 18., 2009 This was the second year of the contest and, like the previous year, has been extremely popular with the student community. There were about 1400+ team registrations with 433 teams submitting project proposals for the contest. There were 45 finalists from which 7 winning teams were awarded prizes. Based upon the level of participation, we also recognized three colleges for having maximum number of student participation. The list of winners and other details are at

Code For Freedom 2008 Prize Distribution Ceremony

Code For Freedom 2008 Prize Distribution Ceremony

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Sunday Dec 21, 2008

BOJUG Meet - JavaFx Special

Vaibhab talking on JavaFx 1.0

BOJUG meet was held on the 20th of December 2008 at Divyasree Chambers. Recently JavaFx 1.0 got released and we decided to dedicate this months meet to JavaFx. Vaibhav gave a lovely talk on the features of JavaFx and also pointed out some limitations.

Pizza Magic

Subrato and Vaibhav - Quiz Masters

Abhishek giving away the prizes

After his talk we had some Pizza's which was followed by a small quiz on JavaFx. Winners got key chains and pens.

Fourty three people showed up for the meet. This was probably the largest meet for BOJUG. Was it the Pizza effect or was it JavaFX magic ?

You can download JavaFx SDK from

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Saturday Jul 26, 2008

BOJUG meet on July 26

Yesterday Bangalore was rocked by a number of bomb blasts. Today we had a BOJUG meet. I was not even sure how many people would turn up but thankfully about 10 people were there. I was happy to see the brave souls who did not let yesterdays violent incident affect their lives.

Sriram gave a talk on  "Continuous Integration - What you need to know before implementing it". It was a very interesting talk on software development and how a little bit of discipline could help in producing bug free software. A lot of the stuff is already known, but not followed. I hope one day it is followed in my team. Hopefully we will then stop having those inadvertent build failures and regressions.

And now the surprise. I also gave a talk on Solaris features. Since Sriram was late, I was filling in. I gave a talk on Solaris history and features and told people how many of the server grade features are becoming necessary for the desktops. One day I will give a more Java related talk here. Lets see how it goes.

Many of you always wanted to see me in a BOJUG or BOSUG group picture. You can see me above. Anil took the picture above.

And heres the group picture taken by me which has Anil.

As I write this blog, news is floating in of serial blasts in Ahmedabad. I really do not understand who is gaining from all this but the poor and innocent people are the ones who are suffering.

You can read about the June BOJUG meet here.

Sunday Jul 13, 2008

BOJUG June 2008 Meet

Bangalore Open Java User's Group meeting was held on the 27th of June in Divyasree Chambers. This was my first BOJUG meeting. Now you must be surprised what a Open Solaris guy is doing in BOJUG. Well it doesn't hurt to know about new things and make new friends.


The BOJUG Gang

At the BOJUG meet, Rohan gave a talk title From Journeyman to Master. The presentation described attributes of a Rockstar programmer and what one needs to do to become a Rockstar programmer. It was one of the best presentations that I had seen. The other Java related presentation went bonkers .... i need to sharpen my Java skills and act a bit more literate next time :)

You can read Rohan's blog here

For slides, check out Amit's blog here




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