Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

President Lula at FISL 10

President Lula (President of Brazil) came to FISL. This is probably the first time ever that a President of a nation has visited an Free and Open Source Software conference any where in the world.

Here is a picture taken by Ludovic of the President wearing the OpenSolaris cap and holding a OpenSolaris t-shirt.

Heres a video of the president by Deirdre with the Porto Alegre OpenSolaris User group folks.

Monday Feb 09, 2009

Mukti 2009

I was invited to Mukti 2009 last weekend for talking on Sun Open Source technologies I reached Durgapur early in the morning after sleeping for one hour the previous night due to a flight delay. I was supposed to talk on Sun SPOT, OpenSolaris and OHAC.

The first talk was on Sun SPOT and it got delayed for about half an hour. I had some fun in making the laptop work with the projector and for a change this time the projector refused to work with Vista but worked flawlessly with OpenSolaris 2008.11. Now that was a real surprise. If you are wondering why Vista, that is because I didn't have the Sun SPOT manager for OpenSolaris and hence had to demo using Windows. The SunSpot talk was attended by about 80 to 100 people. They really enjoyed the SunSpot talk and many of them wanted to try it out. Alas, its not sold in India but I pointed to NIT Durgapur Sun CA Abhishek who has a kit.

My next talk was on OpenSolaris and what makes it interesting. Most of the talk material was provided by Roman Strobl. Since I was running short of time, I didn't do any of the demos. Instead I showed them a video made by Roman about the new features of OpenSolaris. I guess the most interesting feature was Time Slider. Hopefully some of them will try experimenting with OpenSolaris.

I had to drop the OHAC talk as I had run out of time.

You can see the pictures here.

Sunday Dec 21, 2008

New OpenSolaris TShirt

The new OpenSolaris TShirt looks cool. I am eagerly waiting to get one :)

Friday Dec 19, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.11

At last OpenSolaris 2008.11 got released officially on the 10th of December. I have been playing with the release candidate build for quite some time on VirtualBox. Finally I installed it on my laptop.

The first things which really impressed me were the new installer screenshots. They looked lively and fresh.  After the installation was over, the wireless and the sound worked flawlessly. I had to install the Marvel Youkon driver myself. The Firefox which came did not come with the flash plugin which I had to install myself. Then I tried downloading packages from the IPS repository. I downloaded OpenOffice 3.0, Netbeans 6.5 and SunStudio Express and SongBird. Now I have a fully functional desktop.

I am yet to try out the new features like Time Slider and some other cool features but you can view the video on the new features of OpenSolaris at http://blogs.sun.com/observatory/entry/screencast_what_s_new_in

Happy exploring OpenSolaris 2008.11

Note: Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Monday Sep 22, 2008

Code for Freedom 2008

Code For Freedom 2008 has been launched. Its a great opportunity for students in India to participate in this Open Source programming competition and win recognition and great prizes. For more details check out www.codeforfreedom.in

Last years (CFF 2007) winners were  http://in.sun.com/communities/univ/codeforfreedom/2007/winners.html

Friday Jul 25, 2008

BOSUG meet on 12th July

The last BOSUG meet was  debugging and observability features of OpenSolaris excluding DTrace. Moinak and Sanjeev spoke about mdb, ptools, truss. What amazed me was that most people were hearing these for the first time.



Angad talking about the new Belenix website

The other topic was the new belenix website by Angad. He has done a phenomenal work. Hats off.

Previous BOSUG Meets 



Monday Jun 23, 2008

OpenSolaris workshop at NIT Warangal

National Institute of Technology, Warangal conducted a workshop for professors on OpenSolaris as a part of the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP), of Government of India. The workshop was being conducted by Dr. T. Ramesh, Professor and Mr. S. Ravichandra, Senior Lecturer.

National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Inauguration of the workshop by Raju

Raju Macharla, Director Sun Microsystems was the chief guest for this event. He gave a talk on OpenSource technologies and how the faculty could use the freely available resources and make education more better. He also spoke about Sun's OpenSource strategy. 


This workshop trained 30 faculty members of Operating Systems with OpenSolaris as the OS. The faculty was given a hands on approach to Operating Systems programming and internals.

Open Source Lab in NIT Warangal

Hands on Lab Session

I gave a talk on Introduction to OpenSolaris and how the faculty could make their course more interesting by making the students see the actual Operating System and working on the operating system. I had another hands on lab session where I showed them how to install OpenSolaris. Most of them were doing it for the first time and I was bombarded with a barrage of questions for an hour. Questions were like

- What happens to my old OS

- Which OS should I install first - Windows or OpenSolaris , Linux or OpenSolaris

- Is there a corresponding software on OpenSolaris for ...

- How safe is OpenSolaris

- Do I need a AntiVirus (I literally laughed)

- How do I write programs, where do I get compilers from 

It was fun answering the questions and I felt nice that atleast 30 people will be equipped to make the Operating Systems course more interesting to their students. 

Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

Sunay Tripathi in BOSUG

In last Saturdays BOSUG meet, Sunay Tripathi gave a talk on the upcoming Solaris Networking feature CrossBow and Network Machines. Sunay is the chief architect of the CrossBow project. As usual, I am not going to make this post technical by writing about CrossBow technology is (as you can find it on the net very easily), but I will write about how Sunay came across this name (people who attended the meeting obviously know it :) )

Sunay talking on CrossBow 

Ashwin and Sunay

According to Sunay, the first name that came to his mind was "machine gun". This new technology would be a game changing technology and like a machine gun, decimate the opponents. But Sun Legal team would never allow such a name. So he kept on thinking until he came across the name CrossBow which actually is more apt. In all the wars that have been fought with machine guns, both side used to possess it and hence neither had any advantage. But in case of wars with CrossBow, there were few wars where only one side possessed it and decimated their opponents. This new technology will be available in OpenSolaris. No other OS has it and it will take some time for other operating systems  to have such a feature. Hence the OpenSolaris users have a clear advantage over the others.

Read about CrossBow Technology here

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Saturday Jun 14, 2008

Running Belenix from RAM

On Thursday, I got an opportunity to meet with Shampavman. He is a Sun Campus Ambassador studying in 3rd year of engineering in JSS College Bangalore. He has developed a Live CD based on Belenix where all the contents are dumped to the RAM and the machine runs from the RAM. This speedens up the normal operations on the machine drastically. He gave me a demo on my laptop and I was thoroughly satisfied with the Xfce based system.

Booting up from the Live CD

BeleniX getting loaded in RAM

BeleniX from RAM 


Here are some of the highlights of this new feature:

1. It is approximately 65% faster in comparison to a conventional installation through Live CD. It takes 10 minutes to install a 3.5Gb OS image, which previously used to take 30 minutes.

2. The CD/DVD drive is free. So you can use this to RAM based belinix to boot up your system and then pop out the CD and then use this device to watch a VCD or DVD.

3. No need to carry your laptop around for giving presentations. Most venues have a machine but most of the time it is not running Solaris. So simply pop in the RAM based belinix cd and then run the presentation from a USB pen drive. 

4. You can read more about this new stuff here

I am planning to do point 3 above for my presentation in NIT Warangal. I am going to run the presentation from the RAM based Belinix. Lets see how it goes. I will carry my laptop though (for backup  )

Friday Jun 13, 2008

S S and OS

You must be wondering what the hell is S S and OS   Well its Sambit  Subhadeep and OpenSolaris.


Sambit had tried n number of times to install OpenSolaris on a old Acer laptop and it didn't work because the machine had less ram. Then he tried installing OpenSolaris on a AMD64 desktop which was running Ubuntu. He installed VirtualBox and tried installing OpenSolaris as a guest OS but it did not work. He was running 32 bit Ubuntu but virtual box required him to run 64 bit as the underlying hardware was 64 bit. Sambit, correct me if I got this wrong :-p. Finally he installed OpenSolaris on a partition which had SXDE.


Subhadeep used to work in our team and then left for doing his Masters in US. Currently he is doing a project on Windows and is trying to develop a Windows Zone. He was happy to get some OpenSolaris CDs and stickers to popularize in his University.

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Sun Guru Program

The Sun Guru program is a faculty-training program. University professors are trained on Solaris, Java and Netbeans for 4 to 5 days. One such training program was held last week in Divyasree Chambers.

My talk on Solaris Usage and System Administration 

Pradhap talking on Dtrace 

I gave the training on OpenSolaris JDS Usage and System Administration. It consisted of talking about how to use Solaris as a desktop. Showing them common utilities like Firefox, Thunderbird, movie player etc. How to create launchers, setting desktop preferences, screen saver, themes, setting date and time. Then it proceeds towards more serious stuff like smf and creating users and groups and assigning privileges to them. Then I showed them to use ptools like pstack, pfiles, pgrep, etc, other tracing utilities like truss. I also talked about system monitoring, resource monitoring etc.

The participants - Professors from Visvesvaraya Technological University

Most of the participants were using Windows as their primary desktop. Two of them were using Linux. So I always faced comparisons from them. At the end of the session, they realised that all the utilities they normally use on Windows or Linux was present on the OpenSolaris desktop. Also the power of truss amazed  them and they found it useful.

Saturday Jun 07, 2008

Deirdre talks in BOSUG

Today, Deirdre Straughan gave a talk on video blogging and communication at the bosug meeting. She talked about her experiences on video blogging and emphasized the fact that people found text boring and were ready to see videos made by enthusiasts. Such videos may lack the professional feel, but they are good enough to convey the message to the audience, much better than text. Also, sometimes people want to see videos made by enthusiasts, as they look more real, and sometimes more entertaining. I am keeping the text part of this blog entry short :)

Tuesday May 06, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.05

I installed OpenSolaris 2008.05 on my Sony VAIO laptop. I am running it as a guest OS on Virtual Box running on Vista.

Now you may have the question why Vista, thats because my other pure Solaris partition is running SXDE + OHAC. Currently OHAC runs only on SXDE and hence I need to preserve the installation.

Now getting back to OpenSolaris 2008.05

I liked the single CD image, much smaller than the DVD download. But I hoped it would bundle OpenOffice or StarOffice. Right now I am downloading  OpenOffice from the online repository and it is taking a long time ...sigh

Rest of the stuff is working out of the box. The network is working and I didn't have any trouble with it. The sound card is not working, I will soon try to figure out the problem. Other than that it looks cool. Loved the new blue look and the new logo. The logo looks very similar to a logo Rohan had designed for the IEC OpenSource Mela.

The iso image is a live CD. Hence you can just boot from it without installing it. Thats a nice improvement (SXDE did not have it). Seems like compiz is integrated but I did not try it yet.

OpenSolaris First Boot OpenSolaris Login Screen

This post was posted from the OpenSolaris guest OS running on VirtualBox




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