TimesTen In-Memory Database
for Extreme Performance

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database release is available for download

Sam Drake

This release provides new capabilities that
further improve performance and scalability for applications with extremely
fast response time and very high throughput requirements, specifically for
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads and Business Intelligence (BI)
in-memory analytics workloads for the
Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine. The release also contains bug fixes as detailed in the
release notes.

Feature highlights:

Performance for In-Memory Analytics

Significant improvements to the SQL Optimizer
and Execution engine for in-memory analytics. These improvements both reduce
query prepare time while also enabling better plan generation resulting in
improved query response time for certain types of query. In particular, the
performance of queries using star-joins and left outer joins has been improved.

Ability to interrupt data loading

It is now possible to interrupt an in
progress data load that is using the ttLoadFromOracle builtin. The load can be
interrupted using the SQLCancel ODBC function, the Statement.cancel() JDBC
method or, in ttIsql, by pressing Ctrl-C.

Improved SQL support

Support is added for constant expressions,
dynamic parameters, and NULL values in the values lists used for

Improved manageability of Clusterware managed
Active-Standby pairs

It is now possible to change the cache
administrator password without dropping and re-deploying the active-standby

Integration with SQL
Developer 4.0

This release supports, and is supported by,
SQL Developer 4.0. The following new features are available as part of this

· Data
Loading wizard
for populating
TimesTen tables using existing data from the Oracle Database

· Index
Advisor wizard
for query
performance tuning

· Performance
Metrics wizard
to simplify
performance reporting

TimesTen Quick Start Guide:

Some additional 'best practices' sections
have been added to the TimesTen Quick Start Guide while other material has been

Platform Availability:

TimesTen is available immediately
on all supported platforms.

Download Oracle TimesTen now!

Oracle TimesTen release supports the
following licensed products in the TimesTen product family:
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database; Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics; Oracle In-Memory Database Cache; and In-Memory Database Cache for Oracle Applications.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Friday, December 13, 2013

    Is it easily supported on migrating from an Oracle Database to Timesten? Specially migrating data by creating a dump from Oracle and import in a Timesten database?

  • Sam Drake Friday, December 13, 2013

    Good question! There are a number of ways to copy data from an Oracle Database into TimesTen. Here are just a few:

    * TimesTen provides a builtin procedure, ttLoadFromOracle, which will cause TimesTen itself to connect to an Oracle Database and copy over data, loading it into a TimesTen table directly. Options can be specified to cause the data copying to be done in parallel by a number of threads for fastest performance. (Another builtin, ttTableSchemaFromOraQueryGet, will generate an appropriate CREATE TABLE statement for you, too.)

    * As the article mentions, SQL Developer 4.0 can be used to drive these facilities through a convenient graphical interface.

    * For users who license the Oracle In-Memory Database Cache, the caching facilities of TimesTen make it easy to copy data from Oracle into TimesTen, and then propagate further changes from one database to the other.

    So yes, it should be simple to copy data from an Oracle Database into TimesTen!


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