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How to Start a TimesTen Scaleout Database using ttGridAdmin Command

Jenny Bloom
Product Manager


Before you can use a database, all of the instances in the grid must be started. When the grid is setup for the first time whether using the Setting up a Grid procedure outlined in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Scaleout User's Guide or using the Quickstart Steps for configuring a grid for experimentation blog, the instances are automatically started. If you manually shut down your grid using the procedure in the previous page then you can use this procedure to start it again and to load your database into RAM, reading it for use.  

To start your grid and load your database, a number of steps are required:

  • Start your management instance
  • Start your data instances
  • Load your database into RAM
  • Open the database for use

Like all management operations, these steps are all performed from your grid's management instance using the ttGridAdmin command.

1. Source the TimesTen environment on the management instance

Before you can proceed to stop the TimesTen database on the management instance, you need to source the TimesTen environment.  For the example below, the management instance is installed to /grid/mgmtinstance1 directory.

$ source /grid/inst/mgmtinstance1/bin/ttenv.sh

Commands that you execute in this shell will now be executed against the management instance in your grid.

Alternatively you can prefix any command you want to run with the ttenv script for the instance you wish to use, for example:

$ /grid/inst/mgmtinstance1/bin/ttenv ttGridAdmin dbStatus

2. Start your management instance

$ ttGridAdmin mgmtActiveStart

3. Start your data instances

$ ttGridAdmin instanceExec -type data ttDaemonAdmin -start

4. Load Database into Memory

$ ttGridAdmin dbload -wait sampledb

5. Open the TimesTen Database

After the database is loaded into memory the instance administrator user can connect to it, but other users can not. When the database is ready for other users to connect, you should open the database:

$ ttGridAdmin dbopen -wait sampledb

For more information about stopping a database, see How to Stop a TimesTen Scaleout Database using ttGridAdmin blog or visit the TimesTen 18.1 documentation library.

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent Oracle's official viewpoint in any way, shape, or form.

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