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How to deploy TimesTen Scaleout for experimentation using ttGridRollout

Jenny Bloom
Product Manager


To use TimesTen Scaleout you must create a grid. A grid is a set of TimesTen instances; each instance is a running copy of the TimesTen software.

There are several ways to create a grid. In this example we will use the ttGridRollout utility. The ttGridRollout utility reads a configuration file that you create and it then uses ttGridAdmin commands behind the scenes to create your desired grid. 

1. Create a ttGridRollout configuration file.

Here are the attributes used for this local demo ttGridRollout configuration file. This file is called localdemo.conf.  Replace "ttgridvm" with your host's host name.

grid_name = localdemo
zoo_conf = /grid/membership/membership.conf
instance_location = /grid/inst
dbdef_file = /grid/config/sampledb.dbdef
mgmt_instances = [
{ "host":"mgmthost1", "address": "ttgridvm",
  "instance": "mgmtinstance1", "daemonport":5624, "csport":5625, "mgmtport":3754}
data_instances = [
{ "host":"datahost1", "address": "ttgridvm", "dataspacegroup": 1,
  "instance":"instance1", "daemonport":6624, "csport":6625},
{ "host":"datahost2", "address": "ttgridvm", "dataspacegroup": 1,
  "instance":"instance2", "daemonport":7624, "csport":7625},
{ "host":"datahost3", "address": "ttgridvm", "dataspacegroup": 2,
  "instance":"instance3", "daemonport":8624, "csport":8625},
{ "host":"datahost4", "address": "ttgridvm", "dataspacegroup": 2,
  "instance":"instance4", "daemonport":9624, "csport":9625}

2. Execute ttGridRollout.

Note the location of the ttGridRollout utility is in  the directory where the TimesTen software package was unzipped to.

$/grid/sw/tt18. localdemo.conf


4-instance (2x2) grid successfully created.

Management Instance Location


Please source ttenv script under Management Instance for grid management via "ttGridAdmin" commands.
  On ttgridvm:

  sh:  . /grid/inst/mgmtinstance1/bin/ttenv.sh
  csh: source /grid/inst/mgmtinstance1/bin/ttenv.csh

Data Instance Locations

 ttgridvm.instance1 ==> ttgridvm:/grid/inst/instance1
 ttgridvm.instance2 ==> ttgridvm:/grid/inst/instance2  
 ttgridvm_2.instance3 ==> ttgridvm:/grid/inst/instance3  
 ttgridvm_2.instance4 ==> ttgridvm:/grid/inst/instance4 

Please source ttenv script under Data Instances for database operations.   
  For example, to use instance1, 
  on ttgridvm:   
  sh:  . /grid/inst/instance1/bin/ttenv.sh   
  csh: source /grid/inst/instance1/bin/ttenv.csh

3. Using ttIsql to connect to the sampledb database in this 2x2 grid.

Connection can be done from one of the data instances.

$ /grid/inst/instance1/bin/ttenv ttisql sampledb

Copyright (c) 1996, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Type ? or "help" for help, type "exit" to quit ttIsql.
connect "DSN=sampledb";
Connection successful: DSN=sampledb;Durability=0;UID=oracle;DataStore=/grid/db/instance1/sampledb;DatabaseCharacterSet=AL32UTF8;ConnectionCharacterSet=AL32UTF8;LogFileSize=64;MemoryLock=4;LogBufMB=64;PermSize=128;TempSize=128;Connections=100;
(Default setting AutoCommit=1)

Command> exit;

At this point, you have created a 2x2 grid on your local machine with a sample database called sampled. You may continue your database operations (i.e. DDL, DML..etc) like any database from this point onward. Here are some helpful blogs for creating DDLs in a TimesTen database:

How to Manage User Accounts and Privileges in TimesTen?

How to Create Database Schema in the TimesTen Scaleout Database using TTISQL?



Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent Oracle's official viewpoint in any way, shape, or form.

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