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    November 8, 2005

Customising man(1) for more readable manual pages

This entry can be considered a test run, or it can be considered as
an entry that will stop my next entry from being the first and only
entry when it is released. These things are true, but I hope this
entry will be of interest anyway.

I am still a habitual user of the "man" command in Solaris (and other
Unixes). It has pretty good response time, and the format is
familiar. I did notice a number of years ago that the format could be
better. All sorts of terminals are able to display bold and
underlined text, and printed man pages show some elements as
bold, but man(1) on Solaris only shows underlined elements (see

Boring man(1)

My interest was piqued when I re-acquainted myself with Linux, and
noticed that man(1) was showing bold elements. I had to

I did a few things like "truss -f" on the man program, "strings" on
the binary, until I discovered that Solaris' man(1) was different in
that it was using a "-u0" option to nroff(1) when formatting the
text. This flag was undocumented at the time, but I discovered that
if I hand-built a man page and used "-u1" instead, I got bold text.

I was obviously not firing on all cylinders that day, as I chose to
customise man(1) by putting a copy of /usr/bin/man (the binary) in my
~/bin directory, then editing the binary, changing any occurence of
"-u0" to "-u1".

When I next upgraded my workstation, I then had to replace the binary
with a script that called a release-specific binary, as I was then
using multiple releases of Solaris on different systems.

Eventually, the injector on cylinder 3 cleared, and I figured out how
to do it with a script that effectively interposed on /usr/bin/man and
/usr/bin/nroff. This would also work on many releases of Solaris
(currently working fine on S10 and the most recent build of
OpenSolaris). At the same time, I figured I could use a custom
PAGER program for displaying man pages, and implement this in the same

If you feel envious and want this for yourself,

download the script from here
. Put this in a directory in your
PATH that comes before /usr/bin and /bin, then link it to "nroff" in
the same directory (e.g. "ln ~/bin/man ~/bin/nroff"). You will then
get what I see:

Custom man(1)

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Tom Tuesday, November 8, 2005

    Very nice!

    I found the /tmp/mpyZaaEJ garbage a bit distracting, so how about:

    <p style="font-family: monospace">export PAGER ; PAGER="exec less -Rs -Ps'--More--(?eEND:%PB\\%.)'"

    Feels so much better now :)

  • Tim Cook Wednesday, November 9, 2005
    Cool! I have implemented this idea a little differently, but thanks Tom.
  • Markus Wednesday, November 16, 2005
    See also CR 5003460/4512579.
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