Monday Jul 02, 2007

a quick catch up.

a quick catch up.[Read More]

Friday Jun 15, 2007

Farnham Park is so nice.

Farnham Park is so nice.[Read More]

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

sunray is so good.

sunray is so good.[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 05, 2006

getting warm again.

Just as I thought it was cooling down enough for the dogs to start exercising again it goes and warms up again! Oh well I can put off getting the kickbike serviced for another couple of weeks.

What we need on the kickbike is a better rear brake, its got a 10 or 12 inch rear wheel and mountain bike v brakes. I find I have to squeeze the brakes really hard and we are getting through brake blocks at an amazing rate - maybe two samoyeds are too much.

Thursday Aug 31, 2006

holiday report

Took the kids and dogs to Cornwall on holiday this year. We stayed in the village of  newtown-in-St.Martin near Goonhilly, nice little place but the cars do speed through there especially at night. Lots of small lanes to walk the dogs and children. Local pub with good beer but sadly never did any food whilst we were there.

Things we did..
Took the ferry from Falmouth up to the National Trusts Trelissick Gardens, even got the dogs on the boat..Fal River Links.
Went crabbing on the inner pier at porthleven. I say the inner pier as we read a warning about freak waves on the outer pier and Looe bar. The dogs got a bit bored but the kids got 20 crabs each time.
Went to Mylor key crabbing off the quay at the back of the car park, got loads of large crabs there. The only down side was a mans dog attacked Finn and then got beaten in front of the children upsetting the younger one - he should have bought the dog a lead rather than hit it.
We went to East side of Kennack Sands a few times, slightly ruined by other people's dogs being off their leads roaming the beach causing our pair to bark a lot. Oh yes and they hate kites..
We went to Hayle beach but had to leave when a kite flyer decided to practice on the empty beach right over the dogs.
We went to Chysauster ancient settlement on a wet day.
We went  to a dog allowed beach near Church cove a few times as the sand had some streams that were ideal for damming and the rock pools were interesting, also a good walk allong the headland to the Halzephron Inn and back.
Ate lots of pasties and I drank some beer.
Had lunch in the Blue Anchor in in Helston a few times.
Cycled up the 1in 5 from helford village a few times.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2006

240 volt ethernet is better than thin air.

At home my wife got fed up with the fan noise from our main home computer ( generic AMD pc running solaris 10) so I had to move the computer. So I acquired some sunray hardware and a couple of ethernet to wireless bridges, installed sunray software 3.1 on the server and away we went. The DTU screen and keyboard are in the lounge where the adsl line comes in, the server is off in a distant room with only 802.11g between them.

This worked but screen refresh was slooow - video just didn't work, time for a change. So I bought a couple of ethernet over mains units - 85 Mbits/sec, just plug them in, wait a few seconds and they just worked. The only problem is that the configuration software that you need to change the passwords and set a encryption key is windows only, although the vendor says that the signal doesn't go through the meter I am not convinced ( could someone explain that?)... But now the sunray screen updates really fast so that was a good thing to do.

Wednesday Aug 31, 2005

were back

We are back from our summer holiday. We went camping on the Harlyn Sands camp site just outside Padstow in Cornwall. If you saw a family with two white dogs in that area it was us. We saw two other Samoyeds but they were all  single dogs.

The campsite is about 100 metres from the excellent Harlyn Bay Beach and was generally very good..

  • Each plot was well marked and quite large, but they mixed mobile homes/ touring vans with tents so you get a bit of noise from their televisions at night.
  • Good shop , open long hours, lots of stock.
  • Had a dozen showers (2x20p), but long queues as the beach emptied about 5pm.
  • Had just TWO sinks for washing up, needed about 5, big queues all the time. This would put us off going back with a tent.
  • Had very hard working staff, constantly cleaning up, keeping it tidy.
  • Other dog owners did not clean up - sent their kids to walk the dogs.. There was nowhere to take the dogs on the site so we had a mad dash to the exit early in the morning before they burst.
  • Site has a club, good childrens entertainment, the visiting entertainers work very hard. But later on the club takes on an air of "Phoenix Nights" with loud music and drunk people shouting all the way back to their tents at 12:30 at night - thanks!
  • The site has a curfew on teenagers at 10:30 pm but I'd also ban walking around the site with open cans/bottles of alchohol, televisions/music after 10:30pm, and large groups taking more than two plots as they make a lot of noise as they sit and chat late into the night.
  • A new swimming pool complex that you pay extra for, was very nice, not crowded, clean.

Cycling allong the coast road from Padstow to Newquay takes you up and down some very steep hills especially the one into Mawgan Porth on the East side  and the dip near St Merryn. The children enjoyed the Camel Trail from Padstow to Wadebridge, its an eleven mile round trip on a flat wide trail, my only concern was some adults who sped allong the trail at high speed even though there are lots of wobbling children around.

Thursday Jul 07, 2005

removing deer ticks

The grass in the park is long and full of deer ticks I have removed three from Finn's face today, it must be the only place his fur is thin enough for them to find skin. I bought a packs of "tick twister" little plastic hooks with a split in the end like a claw hammer, you get the tick in the split and then rotate the hook around the tick until it releases. A fabulous little device and the packet refers to

Finn's been to the Vets three times this week. First to have a microchip fitted, second time a few days later to see if was still there as I found it poking out his skin, and the third to have a replacement fitted

It's been a big Samoyed spotting few weeks, we saw two at the Farnham Carnival and on the way into the vets for the third time we met another..

Friday Jul 01, 2005

they're off!

The snails are off for a long holiday to the south coast to meet some new snailey friends,
to celebrate their departure here's an image of the big one and the smaller ones just hanging out...


Tuesday Jun 28, 2005

oh no more snails.

The weather is hot and the giant african landsnails have been at it again. Just as I am trying to sell them they go and breed again. We started off with two hand sized snails and after the winter we now have one giant one, a dozen 3 inch snails and a dozen 2 inch snails living in two tanks. They are quite interactive but seem to have an aversion to garlic!

Thursday May 05, 2005

made them work for it...

I don't think I can be accussed of apathy, I recently came across this site sled dogs and I started thinking, the samoyeds love to pull, in fact they can't help it. So whilst I save up for kickbike they got to pull me round Farnham Park on a microscooter this evening. We don't have the proper X-back harnesses but they do have well padded walking harnesses with a chest strap so off we went. It took a few hundred yards for them to work out what to do and then we were off - quite terrifying. The only problem was the rear brake kept smoking as I tried to curb their enthusiasm. Now they are asleep.

Saturday Apr 30, 2005

dog tired.

Finn, our youngest samoyed is huge compared to Cleo. She is nearly 18 months old and weighs about 35 lbs, he is 7 months old and is almost 60 lbs, will he ever stop growing? The vet has reminded us that puppies of large dogs must have their exercise limited to avoid joint problems in later life so he is limited to 30 minute walks.

Finn has had a problem ( I won't go into details but it is at the end without teeth!) which has been very uncomfortable for him. He hasn't been able to sleep for a couple of nights which has stopped me sleeping as well - it's just like having small children all over again. The vet has cured him with a very unpleasant procedure and some antibiotics and he is catching up with his sleep.

Sunday Apr 24, 2005

busy weekend

Friday afternoon the samoyeds and I went for 6 mile walk around the army training ground that runs from Farnborough airfield to Church Crookam and up to Upper Hale. It has quiet paths through pine trees, a high escapement edge with a ancient fort that over looks the airfield. We saw some lizards and adders (in fact Finn walked right over one of them - I better find out the first aid for a adder bite on a dog, I don't fancy carrying a 70lb dog 5 miles home.

Saturday we did the same thing but my eldest  came with us, it was a lovely warm day, so warm the dogs swam in a sandy pond on the edge of the water catchment area and now I have two yellow samoyeds and a house full of sand!

Sunday the kids came for a walk that we found in a small book of walks around Farnham. We started from the railway station at Bentley just off the A31. Six miles later (and one very nice pint of beer) we got back, hardly any distance on road, lots of paths across fields. Of course the fences have stiles and all of these did not have dog holes, so I had to lift both dogs over them..

Now it is raining - oh well back to work




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