Friday Feb 03, 2012

Silcon Valley Presenters

I love doing presentations, I become an actor on stage, it's fun, it's exciting. In California I have seen and/or met some of the best Technology presenters:
  • Marc Andressen, co-founder of Netscape and Opsware, now a venture capitalist. He is confident, knows his technologies and how they effects in the world.
    In a venture meeting, and afterwards, Marc personally took time to encourage me and help me network with other startup entrepreneurs, using tools such as using LinkedIn.
  • Jim Clarke, co-founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics, is incredibly personable. He says technology work should be fun. I meet him in Palo Alto at his book signing for Netscape Time. Following Jim's lead, I wrote my own book, Getting Started with Sun ONE, which was published by Prentice Hall.
  • Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, knew how to talk to Sun's technical staff, relate to them and make them smile and laugh. He made us feel he was one of us.
    I ghost wrote an introduction in my book for Scott, and he signed my book.
  • Jim Barksdale was Netscape's corporate leader. At Netscape all hands meetings he would tell us stories. His corporate rules related to life in, and outside of business.
    He would push an ice cream cart around the office and hand out treats to individual contributors.
  • James Gosling is the originator creator of the Java programming language. When on stage with James, he taught me to relax and have confidence while programming in front of a thousand people.
    I later became a contributor to the Java SE 7 Programmer certification exams, and I am Java Programmer certified.

Robin Williams's son Cody and my son Branden were friends at school. At our son's open classroom night, I learnt from Robin to project my voice and include emotion when talking. Watching a speaker on TV, at the movie theater, or on YouTube, does not take place of live and in person. Branden got to see Steve Jobs talk at Pixar during a school event. I should have taken time to see Steve Jobs live. He had an excellent presentation style, he had style. Here is a link to Steve Jobs presentation pointers.

After working with, and studying the Masters of Silicon, I have presentation pointers to share:

  • Tell a story. I do this when training people to administer email systems.
  • Have points which the audience can easily relate, such as how do they use messaging in their life, in and outside of business.
  • People relate to images. While training in Tokyo, rather than a display a number, I asked them the population of their country. Then informed them, the number of users of Oracle's Unified Communication Suite (email, calendar, and IM) is greater.
  • Know your topic, know your audience. I can talk and draw pictures of messaging systems impromptu, and I can get my enthusiastic students to teach along with me.
    If my students can teach, they will have learned.
  • Be animated. If the presenter has fun, the audience has fun.
    People remember the good times.

I am the guy on the left in photo below which is from a Java SE 7 certification promotional video. I show up at 2:30 minutes.

In the photo, I am working on stage (center person) with James Gosling mentoring me.

Friday Jan 08, 2010

MAC OS X was from Steve Jobs Next Computer

Steve's Next Company built computers with an operating system (OS) based on UNIX. When Apple bought Next, the Next OS grew into MAC OS X. The limited success of the Next computer lead to the huge success of MAC OS X. Another Next computer success story, was that Tim Berners-Lee was a user of a Next computer during the time he began the World Wide Web.

For the history Steve Jobs, which includes MAC OS X, watch

Another cool point about Steve Job's job history, at 23, he had over one million dollars, at 24, over ten million, at 25, over one hundred million. That certainly allowed a lot of freedom to continue to try new things such as buy a graphics image company from Lucas Films which he renamed Pixar.


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