Monday Jun 11, 2007

Washington, DC, USA

I taught the new Course Material, for Web 2.0 Ajax, Dojo Toolkit, jMaki, JSF, in Washington, DC, USA, on Friday, June 8th. The Localization, JavaScript, and jMaki updates were well received by the class:

The day before, I spent 3 hours talking photos in 3 museums.

Dinosaur bones at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum:

A Monet in The National Gallery of Art:

Space Ship One in the Space and Air Museum:

Nature photo in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum:

Sunday May 13, 2007

Map of Countries I Have Visited

While viewing BangkokMay's photos on Flickr, I found a link to add another map to my blog web site. This map shows the countries I have visited in my travels:

create your own visited countries map

To create your own, and this only takes a minute, go here, click the countries you have been to, and receive your map URL...example, mine:
<img src=""><br/> <a href="">create your own visited countries map</a>

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Indians Just Want to Have Fun

The Hindu newspaper says 10,000 developers attended the Sun Tech Days event through webcast, and at the local venue. The locals, filled the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, the largest venue of its type in India.

During the day, the attendees watched top Java and Solaris computer people present on subjects such as open sourcing, and web 2.0.
During the evening, the same developers were dancing and singing as KK, a top Indian pop singer, entertained them.

Reference link with many nice Indian photos.

The Indian IT Experience

Indian managers said to me, "We are impressed you have come to India, and work in our offices, with our people. More from Canada, and America should do the same. Thank you."

Upon arriving in India, I find out I am to teach on the new edition of Solaris, not Windows, which I had developed on. This is all good because I develop in Java EE, works on Solaris and Windows. And, I am to train 100 people. In other countries, my classes are 12-15 people...OK

In an NIIT office, I prepare 10 Java instructors to help the students when I teach. They are attentive, and in 2 hours, I feel they are ready for JavaServer Faces, Ajax, Dojo, and jMaki.

Next I'm taken to the SQL Star office, another Sun Learning partner, to help get 100 computers ready for the students. A number of SQL Star people, have a good start on installing Solaris Express. Rajesh of Sun, and myself train up 2 NIIT people, and 1 Sun contractor, to complete the setup.
They work through the night to finish most everything.

Friday Feb 16, 2007

Spirit Side of Bangalore Business

Bangalore India, 8 o’clock in the evening, we have worked late. I have my driver pick us up, and give Uma, a ride home; Venu joins us.

I the way, I find out that they know Canada was once a British colony, as India was also a British colony. In a way, this shared British heritage, makes me feel closer to them; God Save the Queen. I quietly reflect on an earlier conversation with Pratima, another woman from work, when she was talking about the British rule being both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that they strengthen the unification of the country with government organization, and the English language, and yet...they furthered their own political and economic causes with a divide and control strategy - divide the Indians of each of the states against each other, and control the politics and economy.

I ask, "Where are the temples?"

Because of my interest, they take me to the temple of Bull (photo below). We walk around, I see the rock carving of Ganesha.

Click here, to view more photos.
Download the entire story: Spirit Side of Bangalore Business

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007

Travel to Work in Bangalore, India

12:05am Monday (Sunday night), I went to the San Francisco Airport (SFO).
13 hours from SFO to Hong Kong, across the Pacific Ocean, on a 747 jet. I had a 1.5 hour stop over in the transit lounge.
3 hours from Hong Kong to Singapore, 8 hour stop over. This is good because I took the MRT (subway/Light rail train) into the city. I walked about Chijmes, Boat Quay, the downtown, Bugis Junction Mall and Street Market.

4 hours from Singapore to Bangalore, half way across the Indian Ocean, my 4th. airport, the Bangalore Airport.
12:10am Wednesday (Tuesday night), I was finally on my way up to my hotel room in Bangalore, India. Someone mentioned, it's Valentine's Day.

The next morning, I'm up and off to work. During the day, I went with Rajesh (his blog RajeshR), to each of the Sun offices in Bangalore:
\* Sales and Marketing
\* Learning Centre, a new office with 3 training rooms. The place is managed by Sunil, the driving force to setup the office.
\* Engineering which includes Sun Learning course developers.

Bangalore's Auto-Rickshaws, similar to tuk-tuks in Bangkok.

In the background of the above photo, is a group of men watching the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka.

Note, click here, to see all the photos.


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