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  • May 17, 2018

Why the XAI Staging is not in the OSB Adapters?

Anthony Shorten
Principal Product Manager

With the replacement of the Multi-Purpose Listener (MPL) with the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) with the additional OSB Adapters for Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products, customers have asked about transaction staging support.

One of the most common questions I have received is why there is an absence of an OSB Adapter for the XAI Staging table. Let me explain the logic.

  • One Pass versus Two Passes. The MPL processed its integration by placing the payload from the integration into the XAI Staging table. The MPL would then process the payload in a second pass. The staging record would be marked as complete or error. The complete ones would need to be removed using the XAI Staging purge process run separately. You then used XAI Staging portals to correct the data coming in for ones in error. On the other hand, the OSB Adapters treat the product as a "black box" (i,e, like a product) and it directly calls the relevant service directly (for inbound) and polls the relevant Outbound or NDS table for outbound processing records directly. This is a single pass process rather than multiple that MPL did. OSB is far more efficient and scalable than the MPL because of this.
  • Error Hospital. The idea behind the XAI Staging is that error records remain in there for possible correction and reprocessing. This was a feature of MPL. In the OSB world, if a process fails for any reason, the OSB can be configured to act as an Error Hospital. This is effectively the same as the MPL except you can configure the hospital to ignore any successful executions which reduces storage. In fact, OSB has features where you can detect errors anywhere in the process and allows you to determine which part of the integration was at fault in a more user friendly manner. OSB effectively already includes the staging functionality so adding this to the adapters just duplicates processing. The only difference is that error correction, if necessary, is done within the OSB rather than the product.
  • More flexible integration model. One of the major reasons to move from the MPL to the OSB is the role that the product plays in integration. If you look at the MPL model, any data that was passed to the product from an external source was automatically the responsibility of the product (that is how most partners implemented it). This means the source system had no responsibility for the cleanliness of their data as you had the means of correcting the data as it entered the system. The source system could send bad data over and over and as you dealt with it in the staging area that would increase costs on the target system. This is not ideal. In the OSB world, you can choose your model. You can continue to use the Error Hospital to keep correcting the data if you wish or you can configure the Error Hospital to compile the errors and send them back, using any adapter, to the source system for correction. With OSB there is a choice, MPL did not really give you a choice.

With these considerations in place it was not efficient to add an XAI Staging Adapter to OSB as it would duplicate effort and decrease efficiency which negatively impacts scalability.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Sujith Kumar Tuesday, February 5, 2019
    With decommissioning of XAI and MPL. Would all the XAI related config tables be deprecated or decommissioned in the future. I still see some tables still in service in 2.6
    what is the directions.

    Mainly the tables like XAISender and context which holds the endpoints.
  • Anthony Shorten Tuesday, February 5, 2019
    As part of the removal of XAI, objects that are being retained are now prefixed with Message and the ones that are being retired will be retained in the database but menu items will be removed.
  • Sujith Kumar Monday, February 11, 2019
    Is there a cost involved in implementing OSB inplace of MPL?. Is it a seperate licence for OSB?
  • Anthony Shorten Monday, February 11, 2019
    There is a Restricted Use License available to customers who are still using the MPL which is no cost. The migration process is manual as OSB has a different architecture but it is very simple using the tools in OSB.
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