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  • April 22, 2019

Utilities Testing Accelerator Now Available

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

Oracle Utilities is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator Version via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud with exciting new features which provide improved test asset building and execution capabilities. This release is a foundation release for future releases with key new and improved features.

Last year the first release of the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator was released to replace the Oracle Functional Testing Advanced Pack for Oracle Utilities product to optimize the functional testing of Oracle Utilities products. The new version extends the existing feature set and adds new capabilities for the testing of Oracle Utilities products.

The key changes and new capabilities in this release include the following:

  • Accessible. This release is now accessible making the product available to a wider user audience.
  • Extensions to Test Accelerator Repository. The Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator was shipped with a database repository, Test Accelerator Repository, to store test assets. This repository has been extended to accommodate new objects introduced in this release including a newly redesigned Test Results API to provide comprehensive test execution information. 
  • New! Server Execution Engine. In past releases, the only way to execute tests was using the provided Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator Eclipse Plugin. Whilst that plugin is still available and will continue to be provided, an embedded scalable server execution engine has been implemented directly in the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator Workbench. This allows testers to build and execute test assets without leaving the browser. This engine will be the premier method of executing tests in this release and in future releases of the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator.
  • New! Test Data Management. One of the identified bottlenecks in automation is the provision and re-usability of test data for testing activities. The Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator has added an additional capability to extend the original test data capabilities by allowing test users to extract data from non-production sources for reuse in test data. The principle is based upon the notion that it is quicker to update data than create it. The tester can specify a secure connection to a non-production source to pull the data from and allow manipulation at the data level for testing complex scenarios. This test data can be stored at the component level to create reusable test data banks or at the flow level to save a particular set of data for reuse. With this capability testers can quickly get sets of data to be reused within and across flows. The capability includes the ability to save and name test data within the extended Test Accelerator repository.
  • New! Flow Groups are now supported. The Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator supports the concept of Flow Groups. These are groups of flows that can be executed as a set in parallel or serial to reduce test execution time. This capability is used by the Server Execution Engine to execute groups of flows efficiently. This capability is also foundation of future functionality.
  • New! Groovy Support for Validation. In this release, it is possible to use Groovy to express rules for validation in addition to the component validation language already supported. This capability allows partners and testers to add complex rule logic at the component and flow level. As with the Groovy support within the Oracle Utilities Application Framework, the language is whitelisted and does not support external Groovy frameworks.
  • Annotation Support. In the component API, it is possible to annotate each step in the process to make it more visible. This information, if populated, is now displayed on the flow tree for greater visibility. For backward compatibility, this information may be blank on the tree unless it is already populated.
  • New! Test Dashboard Zones. An additional set of test dashboard zones have been added to cover the majority of the queries needed for test execution and results.
  • New! Security Enhancements. For the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud releases of the product, the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator has been integrated with Oracle Identity Cloud Service to manage identity in the product as part of the related Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud Services.

Note: This upgrade is backward compatible with test assets built with the previous Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator releases so no rework is anticipated on existing assets as part of the upgrade process.

For more details of this release and the capabilities of the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator product refer to Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator (Doc Id: 2014163.1) available from My Oracle Support.

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