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  • December 9, 2019

UTA Beyond Testing

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

As one of the product managers of the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator, I am constantly amazed the different ways customers and partners are using the product to go beyond simple testing of the business processes. Remember Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator is essentially modelling business processes and testing them against the product.

Here are a few of the areas that the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator has been used to achieve:

  • Assessing Change
    • Patch/Fix Testing. One of the most interesting is assessing the impact of a patch or fix against your business process. Checking this using UTA can ascertain whether the implementation of a patch or fix will be adverse to the success of your business process.
    • Extension Release Testing. Partners release changes to extensions on a regular basis. Assessing those changes for impacts to your business processes is also critical.

Assessing Change

  • Migration to Base from Extensions. This use case is particularly exciting. The idea that after you test your business processes with your extensions, you can use UTA to progressively substitute base components (or accelerator components) for extensions to assess whether you can migrate to that capability and replace an extension. Reduction of use of extensions reduces both cost and risk. Even if the base substitution fails to successfully replace your extension as a result of testing using UTA, it will serve to help assess how far you need to got adopt the base function or at least justify the use of your extension.

Migration To Base

  • Preparing for the Oracle Cloud. As part of the remediation to the cloud, assessing extensions migrated to cloud supported technologies against their originals is critical to reducing the risk to migrating to the cloud. UTA can be part of that migration to reduce your costs and risks.

Note: The above use case can also apply to on-premise applications wishing to reduce their risks and costs by taking advantage of the capabilities of Oracle Utilities Application Framework used for the cloud implementation delivered for on-premise releases, such as ConfigTools, File Adapter etc..


  • Optimizing your Business Process. One of the key features of UTA is that we collect a lot of additional data when executing. Some of this data is used internally by the product and some of it has additional uses. When we designed the results we included capabilities to track performance of every call as a byproduct. One of the amazing use cases we have seen is analyzing the call times for each part of a business process, finding bottlenecks in the process and re-optimizing them. This is especially relevant in the cloud as part of the Oracle Utilities SaaS Cloud Services is at least one production sized testing database. This means you can see the effectiveness of your business process and make adjustments to optimize it.


These are all exciting uses of the tools and they have inspired us to make these and more use cases both easier to use and more effective. We are looking at adding and modifying the roadmap to fully exploit these new use cases and go beyond the testing capabilities we already have.

For more information about the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator, refer to Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator Overview (Doc Id: 2014163.1) available from My Oracle Support.

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