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  • December 19, 2019

Using UTA to experiment with Business Processes

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager
One the use cases I pointed out in my last blog post, UTA Beyond Testing, was to assist in transitioning extensions (i.e. customizations) to base functionality. Customers with a large number of extensions, perhaps written when they originally went live on an older version of the product, are keen to reassess each extension to see if they can replace it with the perhaps newer base functionality. Reducing the need for an extension has huge cost reduction and risk reduction benefits and also allows you to take advantage of core functions.

The issue in the past to do this was a reliable means of assessing impact and testing change. Somehow you need to show the business process you had before would not change (or change in a small way) when you replaced extension with base. You needed the confidence that your business can operate without that need for the extension.

This is where the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator (UTA) comes into play. The key concept in the tool is the modelling of business processes using flows to represent the business process and the components, base and custom, forming the basis of that process. When using UTA, you can model your business process (as is or how you want it to be) in the tool and experiment with configuration and code changes to remove extensions and replace them with base code, reflecting those changes as necessary. You can compare results of tests at various levels to decide the go/no-go decisions to migrate off an extension.

There are three outcomes with using UTA in this fashion:

  • You get the same results. Basically replacing the extension with the base did not impact your results so it is safe to move to the base component. This is the best case scenario.
  • You get different results but they are close. This scenario, the results are different but close. This situation may require a change of the business process to take the difference in place or retaining the extensions.
  • You get completely different results. This scenario is possible and may be used to reinforce the need for the extension or at least work to see how it can be resolved.

The advantage of using UTA is that can set the pace of your migration to match your risk tolerance and your deployment plans.

For more information about the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator, refer to the Oracle Utilities Testing Accelerator Overview (Doc Id: 2014163.1) available from My Oracle Support. This contains an overview. FAQ and datasheet on the product.

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