Thursday Mar 20, 2014

Updated SSO Integration Whitepaper

The Single Sign-On integration whitepaper has been updated with the latest information to assist implementations configure Single Sign-On solutions with Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products.

The changes can be summarized as follows:

  •  Instructions on setting login-config updated for multiple Oracle Utilities Application Framework versions.
  • Added example configuration sections to illustrate various options
  • Added appendix on linking to Kerberos based solutions
  • Added appendix to link to Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager based solutions.

The whitepaper is available from My Oracle Support at Single Sign On Integration for Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products (Doc Id: 799912.1)

Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

Web Security Role: cisusers

During the installation process for Oracle Utilities Application Framework products, a Web Security role is specified for use in the J2EE Web Application Server (i.e. Oracle WebLogic or IBM WebSphere). This role is used by the J2EE Web Application Server to give permission to the authenticated users to the J2EE resources used by the product.

By default, the value is set to cisusers. Whilst this is sufficient for most implementations to use (in particular non-production) as it quickly sets up a default for the site to use. In production, most customers take the default as well but if the default value is not desired or does not meet your site standards you can change the value a number of ways:

  • If you are using Oracle Utilities Application Framework V2.x or V4.0, you can manually make the change to the web.xml file for the online (a copy of it it is located in etc/conf/WEB-INF directory). You will need to replace all occurances of cisusers to the desired value (remember it cannot include embedded blanks). You will need to change web.xml AND web.xml.XAIApp to complete the change for the online and XAI respectively. If you want to retain the change across upgrades or service packs you should create a custom template as outlined in the Operations and Configuration Guide or Server Administration Guide for your product. 
  • If you are using Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.1, you can set the value using the configureEnv[.sh] utility. You use the -a option (for advanced configuration) and press 52 (for Advanced Web Application Configuration). Change the value of Web Security Role and Web Principal Name (the latter is used for Identity Management Suite integration but should be used regardless) and that will set the values in the appropriate places.

After doing this, connecting users to this group in your J2EE Web Application Server or in the configured security repository will connect users to the online and Web Service components of your products. As a matter of interest, most sites use cisusers as their default but the process above can be used if the default value is inappropriate.

Friday Aug 27, 2010

Unknown user AUSER in Batch (FW2.2 and FW4)

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Wednesday May 12, 2010

Framework 4 Features: Login Id Support

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Sunday Apr 05, 2009

Single Sign On Whitepaper available

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Monday Feb 09, 2009

New security methods introduced

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Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

New Security Whitepapers on the way

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