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Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

A management pack for use for management of Oracle Utilities applications within Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is available. A detailed whitepaper is now available on My Oracle Support at Doc Id: 1474435.1.

The pack supports the following products and versions:

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Utilities provides application life-cycle services for the Oracle Utilities suite of applications. By combining Oracle Enterprise Manager's enterprise management solution with Oracle Utilities applications, IT organization can significantly reduce the cost and complexity to manage an Oracle Utilities product environment.

The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities provides a top down application management framework. This framework automates mundane operational tasks of application lifecycle management. These tasks are routinely performed by IT administrators to operationally manage a deployed production instance of Oracle Utilities products. The management pack leverages the power of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework to provide a single solution that is based upon Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and extends it by providing a single view and console to manage Oracle Utilities products.

Centralized Operations and Management

Typically, multiple instances of multiple Oracle Utilities products are implemented at a site. A centralized framework is needed to manage and operate these multiple instances of multiple products to reduce total cost of operations. The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities provides a centralized management framework and allows IT administrators to centrally manage instances of Oracle Utilities environments using a browser based console.

Main OEM screen

Application Operations – Availability

Once an Oracle Utilities product has been installed, managing that environment's availability is critical. The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities provides instrumentation and tracking of a products individual components and their availability. This capability can be integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager's incident and alerting capability to provide availability target tracking.

Oracle Utilities Home Page

Application Monitoring – Introducing Group Monitoring

An Oracle Utilities product contains a number of key components in the architecture. These components can be managed individually or as part of a group or group(s), to perform group monitoring and group management capabilities. Groups can be created by a number of dimensions matching your preferred IT management strategies.

Application Environment Management – Cloning environments

After installing the Oracle Utilities product, the Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities allows additional copies of the software to be quickly created using environment cloning. Simple cloning allows for environments to be created with minimal interaction and advance cloning allows new environments with new characteristics to be created.

Sample Advanced Cloning

Application Upgrades – Introducing Patch Management

Once an Oracle Utilities product is installed the challenge is to keep that environment up to date with patches. The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities provides an interface to My Oracle Support to import and install patches on an environment interactively or on a schedule. Once an environment is patched to an acceptable level, Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities allows patch sets to be migrated across environments.

Example Patch install

Utilizing the power of Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities allows Oracle Utilities products to take advantage of the power of management from Oracle Enterprise Manager. The ability to schedule any of the pack tasks interactively or on a pre-scheduled basis, integration with availability alerting to detect outages, support for blackout periods and support for management grouping allows Oracle Utilities product to take advantage of the power of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Enterprise Wide Management

The Application Management Pack for Oracle Utilities has been designed to work standalone or in conjunction with other packs available for Oracle Enterprise Manager. Customers can choose to target Oracle Utilities product using Oracle Enterprise Manager or target their entire Oracle infrastructure to provide higher levels of management across the enterprise

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  • shahid durrani Saturday, April 9, 2016

    Firstly I couldn't understand about Oracle Utilities. What is Oracle Utilities? Please recommended me otherwise I added or deleted your post.Thanks

  • acshorten Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    Oracle Utilities is a set of products specifically for the Utilities market (Electricity, Gas, Water, etc). We build billing, meter management, asset management, mobile workforce etc... products for those utilities.

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