Oracle Utilities CC&B and MDM Integration available

The Tax & Utilities Global Business Unit is pleased to announce the latest release of productized integration between Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CCB) and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM) 3.1.1.
This Application Integration Architecture (AIA) based direct integration helps our utility customers to:

  • Cope with significant amounts of usage data, reducing manual processes and enabling Smart Grid rollout for residential Smart Meters.
  • Ensure accurate high-volume billing with less proration and estimation, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitate time-based billing programs for new Smart Grid driven rates.
  • Limit data duplication and unnecessary synchronization, reducing implementation complexity.
  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain this complex integration in-house, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of Smart Grid for Billing.

The following participating application versions are required for the integration:

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing
Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management

To download Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Integration to Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management Release 3.1.1, please navigate to Oracle edelivery:

  • Select Oracle Application Integration Architecture
  • Select your desired platform
  • Select the Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing Integration to Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management Release 3.1.1 Media Pack (Part # B62968-01)
  • Download the installation and documentation files.


Dear ACShorten,

We are planning to integrate the CCB and MDM environments with this media pack, Kindly let us know that, is there any latest version available.

Thanks in Advance

Posted by Guru on March 20, 2012 at 07:59 PM EST #

Dear Sir,

I have been assigned a job of customizing CC&B as per the client requirement. For this, i am trying to install CC&B based SDK for it at a client machine whereas the CC&B has been installed at the Weblogic server at another machine as per the document sent by the Oracle Support team after raising a service request.But i am yet fighting to complete the SDk installation.I am giving you a brief description that i am doing while installation.

Client System configuration
1. The machine has XP as an os
2. RAM 2 gb
3. Hard disk 300GB

Step-1 First installed jdk1.6.0_13 at client machine
Step-2 Set JAVA_HOME here
STEP-3 Make a folder named SPLSDK in C: of the client machine where the SDK is to be installed.
STEP-4 Set environment variable SPLSDKROOT to C:/SPLSDK there
STEP-5 Map a network drive say Y: (at the client system) with C:/spl(where the application server is already installed). After mapping, all the contents of C:/spl where the application server is installed get copied in Y:/spl at the the client machine.
Step-6 Now, I started installing SDK
Step-7 Supplied the destination directory C:/SPLSDK where to instal sdk at the client machine.
Step-8 Then it asks appserver directory and i pass it to Y:\spl\CCBDEV (This is the directory where the CC&B has been installed at server machine and currently it has been mapped with client machine)
Step-9 It reports an error i.e. the directory doesn't contain a valid application server installation directory.

Whereas the oracle CC&B has been installed at WEB Logic 10.0 mp2 at another machine. SDK is being installed at another machine which details i have already mentioned above.Please let me know what i am doing wrong. Its really very urgent.

Thanks and regards
Sanjeev Kumar

Posted by Sanjeev Kumar on June 04, 2012 at 05:32 PM EST #

As project manager, I am working with several utility CC+B clients interested in Oracle's MDM product. Where can look for basic information about the product which will go a little deeper than the .pdf files mentioned in this article. Specs like hardware requirements, network topologies and such.



Posted by Steve Burge PMP on January 30, 2014 at 10:24 AM EST #

Hi Anthony Shorten,
How are you
I need your help regarding the integration between OUMDM with the Meter HeadEnd. How we integrate the OUMDM with the external system via webservice.

your response is highly appreciated Thanks


Posted by guest on May 12, 2015 at 09:57 PM EST #

You can import an external Web Service using our Web Service Import feature. This will generate a Business Service that can be called from any customization within MDM. Note: the import feature typically only parses simple Web services so it may not work if the service is very complex.

Posted by acshorten on May 13, 2015 at 12:15 PM EST #

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