Enhancements in FW 4.1.0 GF1

Group Fixes not only fixes for issues registered by customers and partners but also include off cycle enhancements. These off cycle enhancements have been identified as important for individual products using the Oracle Utilities Application Framework that must be delivered before the next version of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework is released. To ensure backward compatibility with existing customers, enhancements are preconfigured to be disabled or configured to act in a backward compatible fashion. Customers who want to take advantage of the enhancement should configure the facility as outlined in the documentation provided in the Product Fix Documents (PFD).

In the case of Group Fix 1, all PFD's have been included in the rollup (Patch #12831936).

The following enhancements are included in Group Fix 1 (these are mainly used by Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products to deliver base functionality initially):

Business Intelligence Synchronization Enhancement (373)

This enhancement allows Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products to define Business Intelligence based extracts (for direct and indirect integration) using configurable Synchronization objects introduced in Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.1.0. This enhancement provides a set of Oracle Utilities Application Framework based maintenance objects, business objects, business services, zones and generic background processes to provide Synchronous Object based and file based (via ODI) synchronization facilities primarily for use with Business Intelligence solutions.

Generic Global Temporary Table Support (353-1)

This enhancement allows Oracle Utilities Application Framework based products to define and use the Global Temporary Table support in the Oracle database as a temporary storage device for processing. The enhancement allows for the use of a Global Temporary Table and management of the data in that table via a generic application/business service.

Support UI Map Extension (363)

This enhancement enhances the UI Map processor to support the following abilities:

  • Support Fusion based style sheets via Managed Content
  • Support extensions to the UI Map language to allow XHTML hints to be added to support meta data generated formatting.
  • Support includes for UI Map fragments.
  • Allow Fusion style sheets to be overridden using the Custom Look and Feel Feature configuration.

Support Binary Attachments (12643837)

In Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4.1.0 an attachment object was added to allow decision reports to be stored from the Oracle Policy Automation interface shipped with selected Oracle Utilities Application Framework products. This feature has now been enhanced to support in database storage of binary attachments for the following file types against a Business Object:

  • JPEG Image
  • MP3 Audio
  • WAV Audio
  • Text Document

The enhancement provides a standard online mechanism for loading, attaching and viewing the attachment on the relevant Business Objects as characteristics.

Note: For the Viewing component, it is assumed that the client machine has a compatible viewer installed and associated with the appropriate file type.

Support Service Tasks (9833035)

This enhancement allows the definition of Task Service to group Business Objects for common processing. This enhancement includes a new Task Service Type and Task Service objects to attach common additional characteristics and group business objects for specific processing (such as Web Self Service).


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