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  • April 9, 2018

Clarification of XAI, MPL and IWS

Anthony Shorten
Senior Principal Product Manager

A few years ago, we announced that XML Application Integration (XAI) and the Multipurpose Listener (MPL) were being retired from the product and replaced with Inbound Web Services (IWS) and Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Adapters.

In the next service pack of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework, XAI and MPL will finally be removed from the product.

The following applies to this:

  • The MPL software and XAI Servlet will be removed from the code. This is the final step in the retirement process. The tables associated with XAI and MPL will not be removed from the product for backward compatibility with newer adapters. Maintenance functions that will be retained will be prefixed with Message rather than XAI. Menu items not retained will be disabled by default. Refer to release notes of service packs (latest and past) for details of the menu item changes.
  • Customers using XAI should migrate to Inbound Web Services using the following guidelines:
    • XAI Services using the legacy Base and CorDaptix adapters will be automatically migrated to Inbound Web Services. These services will be auto-deployed using the Inbound Web Services Deployment online screen or iwsdeploy utility.
    • XAI Services using the Business adapter (sic) can either migrate their definitions manually to Inbound Web Services or use a technique similar to the technique outlined in Converting your XAI Services to IWS using scripting. Partners should take the opportunity to rationalize their number of web services using the multi-operation capability in Inbound Web Services.
    • XAI Services using any other adapter than those listed above are not migrate-able as they are typically internal services for use with the MPL.
  • Customers using the Multi-purpose Listener should migrate to Oracle Service Bus with the relevant adapters installed.

There are a key number of whitepapers that can assist in this process:

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Vinaykumar Monday, April 9, 2018
    Hi Anthony,

    Can you please mention about changes w.r.t to MDB which ar currently invoking XAI Inbound services.
  • Anthony Shorten Monday, April 9, 2018
    The MDB has been changed to call IWS which the underlying services rather than XAI Inbound Services
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