Monday May 21, 2012

Oracle VM 3.1.1 is here

It has been a while since I have update my blog, but been very busy :-) Great news OVM 3.1.1 can now be download. It offers e.g new GUI, new features like Cold Storage migration, and many other things. But alltogether a great product. (see data sheet)


To all of you who does not know OVM, Oracle has made one of these funny "Server Virtualization for Dummies" you can find it here or else I recommend you go an take a look at these diffrent videos.

But if I had to shortly describe what OVM is then it is a great alternative to VMware, Windows Hyper V.

It gives you the possiblity to virtualise the Oracle Database in the best way and performance. 

When you buy an Oracle server with support, it gives you the support for both HW and SW in one packet, so basicly an easy and fast way of getting started on the Oracle Red Stack.

If you read my Blog there are other benefits by using HW and SW together.

But anyway OVM 3.1.1 is really becoming a nice product with a lot of nice features. (see data sheet)

I have made a set of new OVM 3.1.1 videos you can have a look at.

Importing, Pool, Network etc and many more.

remember its free to download and use OVM, so why not get started.

Saturday Apr 14, 2012

New update for Oracle VM 3

The 5th of April a new patch was released. Oracle VM Manager 3.0.3 build 227 - This can be downloaded from My Oracle Support as patch ID 14736185.

You can read more about it here

Monday Mar 19, 2012

Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator

To those of you who has not played with the Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance, but would like to. You should go an take a look at the Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator.

You can download this Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator here, It will give you a pretty good idear what this unik product is capable of provide for you business.

 You can also go and see a demo on how to set the appliance up in Oracle VirtualBox Demo Here.

You find Oracle Virtualbox here

Doing a P2V in OVM 3.0.3

The other day I was talking to a customer about how you can do a P2V in OVM. I had already written about this topic earlier in my Blog and there was also some good documentation on the topic on how you do this.

But what about seing the whole process from start to end, so I have include a link to a demo on the topic. Here is demo that has been divide into three steps: Step 1. Taget System,   Step 2. Import into OVM, and    Step 3. Use the new Template.

Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

Migrate from vSphere into Oracle VM 3.0

I have had so many question "Can we do an import of vmware VM into Oracle VM 3.0", and the answer is yes. But as you properly have found out I like to see how it works.

So I just took a vmware image of a Linux converte into a ova (Open Virtualization Archive) file, then I was able to do a import through the OVM manager. When this assemblies had been loaded, it was unpack and the next step was to create a Clone from my new Template.

And "voila", I had a running VM with Linux in Oracle VM 3.0, imported from VMware.

So it could not be more simple, and it works.

Sunday Dec 04, 2011

NEW "Hard partitioning" technology for Oracle software license

Great news to all the customer who wants to use Oracle VM Server for SPARC (a.k.a LDoms), this is now recognized as a valid "hard partitioning" technology for their Oracle software license.

Oracle can now offer numerous ways to do "hard partitioning" with Oracle technology.

You can read all about the new "hard partitioning" and about Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

OVM 3.0 tutorial installing a VM with Oracle Linux 5u6

I have now been playing around with Oracle VM 3.0, and really think this is a great product. I wanted to find out how easy it was to install a Oracle Linux 5u6, from uploading ISO images.

In regards to the ISO images, I acctualy mounted the NFS catalog and pasted the ISO file their.

If you intressted to see the result on how my installation went, I posted it here: OVM 3.0 tutorial

Sunday Nov 13, 2011

Just install Solaris 11 in Vbox

Just spent a half hour installing Solaris 11 - The First Cloud OS in Vbox , Super.

You can read all about the release of Solaris 11 here

Wednesday Nov 09, 2011

Oracle VM 3.0 video on Youtube

Oracle VM 3.0 setup

Just want to share this video showing how to setup up a demo enviroment on Oracle VM 3.0 . It shows all the different steps from login in and bringe in the OVM server,  Storage and network. 

Oracle VM 3.0 Setup (chosse 720p HD)

My new Blog

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog, this represents my view and not necessarily my company. Maybe you are wondering why I called my blog Steen's Corner and The Red Stack, for this there is a very good reason. Imagin a Car without any wheels, it would not be very useful to drive around in ;-)

The same goes for hardware and software, support, storage etc they are all tied so much together. So what if one company could provide everything together ? it would make be easy for the customer.

So one of the things I would like to share is why I think the Oracle Red Stack is a pretty good idea  when you want to run your business.

In my blogs I will also share how you can do things, like installing OVM3, looking at new technology.

So I really hope you will enjoy this blog.


The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessary reflect the views of Oracle.


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