Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

Launch parties for Java ME SDK for Mac and NetBeans 6.8 ?

Last week was a pretty busy one, with the release of Java ME SDK for Mac (early access), and the NetBeans 6.8 beta.

The Java ME SDK is the all-in-one phone to Blu-Ray app development kit, and the news is that its now available on the Mac platform too. Ready for the final NetBeans 6.8 release on December 1st, whose beta has already had a bunch of promising reviews for the new features, like zapping up the JavaFX code editing  and hinting niceties that Tor has often mentioned.

It's strange no-one suggested doing home launch parties for them. They can be such fun !

Tuesday Aug 04, 2009

News roundup

As the Janitor works through all the mail that piled up on the doorstep of the Planetarium while he was on vacation, its clear that there's some news to catch up on.

First, JDK 7 reached milestone 4, the major inclusions being the new type annotations in the language, and the backporting into the jdk 7-branch of all the features in the Java SE 6u10+ updates that make it so nifty and browser friendly.

In mobile news, JavaFX dropped an early access release of the version 1.2 SDK for Windows Mobile. You can see Terrence talking all about it here.

Speaking of JavaFX 1.2, NetBeans 6.7 did a mini-update-dotdot release to add in JavaFX 1.2 support, (yay), while slipping in a few bug fixes while they were at it.

And there was news from the multiple languages front: Charlie et al switched over the names on their paychecks while they continue to work on JRuby, and the wildly successful JVM languages summit is happening again this year.

Monday May 11, 2009

Java Card developers to leave stone age

Just many Java developers have evolved from emacs and command lines for developing apps for anything as big as phones and above, there's been this rumor that Java Card developers would come out of the stone age too, which got confirmed by Tim over the weekend.

So NetBeans 6.7 won't just be about saving to Kenai. Good job, SIM cards continue to grow in number.

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Beta software that isn't a drag

What's interesting about this picture of the JavaFX Flickr photo app ? Ya, its been dragged out of the web page. No big deal, but previously only possible on Windows.

What's interesting about it is was dragged it out of Safari 4 beta on the Planetarium's resident Mac ! No dual boot/virtualization tricks, honest.

If you want to check out the new browser Java plugin running on MAC its a 3 step program: get Safari 4 beta if you don't already have it, then get the latest Java update from Apple. The latter is a developer release (so far !), so you'll need to login to get it. Then make sure you set your Java Preferences to 1.6, and have applets use their own process.

And speaking of exciting beta software, you might want to check out NetBeans 6.7. (Hello, I'm a NetBean !) This release, amongst other things, hooks developers up directly within the IDE to project hosting/collaboration site Kenai, and Bugzilla.

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 for Java SE, Java ME and JavaFX

NetBeans 6.5 is out ! What's new for you ?

Java SE developers get new goodies like incremental compilation so your app is always ready to run, the Analyse Javadoc feature to bring your javadoc in line and improved debugging support with an updated UI and deadlock detection.

Or why stick to Java as your language ? You could try JavaScript, which is fully supported right from navigating its different dialects while editing the code to debugging it in FireFox and IE. Or write Ruby, with better support for Rake files and break and catchpoints in the Ruby debugger. Or taking a walk on the wild side by coding up a RIA using Griffon, with the full editing support for Groovy code.

For Java ME developers, out of the box you get more SVG and data-binding components you can use in the Visual Designer Palette, or add your own. Or the LWUIT ones.

The support for JavaFX in NetBeans will get a big update with the JavaFX SDK 1.0 release,  so don't delete your copy of NetBeans 6.1 with JavaFX support just yet !

Could be time to upgrade. Its getting some good press.

Monday Oct 20, 2008

Happy Birthday NetBeans

Some time before many people had really got their heads around application stores, a little IDE called NetBeans, which turns 10 this week, had one for its plugins.

Have you dropped in lately ? (Everything has the same price, btw).

We all get attached to our tools. Your humble Planetarium Janitor was glacially slow to realize that his days with just a text editor and compiler were over, and it can be the smallest things that suck you in to a new toolset.

With built in support for Java SE development - gui builder, visual debugger and profiler, for Java ME development - supporting both CLDC and CDC class devices with emulators and visual designer, support for JavaFX development, and supporting a host of languages as well as Java: JavaScript, Ruby and many more, if you haven't taken a look at NetBeans lately, maybe you should !

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