Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

JDK watch: Type Annotations (JSR 308)

Yesterday's weekly build of JDK 7 includes a big set of changes: more backporting of Java SE 6uX features, fixes to Nimbus, fixes to NIO2, and the like. But most notably, as planned in May, the incorporation of the other Java language addition for JDK 7: Type Annotations.

Java Annotations have been enormously successful since their introduction in J2SE 5.0, allowing a wide range of different kinds of information to be attached to source code. From signaling that tools make a variety of checks be made to your methods or classes, to the partial eradication of unwieldy deployment descriptors in Java EE (Aside: how the world turns ! The Planetarium Janitor remembers the very earliest pre-release days of in the corridors of Java EE, when deployment descriptors were property files).

In Java SE 6, JSR 269 introduced 'Pluggable Annotations' with an API for tools to be able to manipulate custom annotations of their own design.

And now, JDK 7 will allow Java Annotations to go where no Java Annotation has gone before. Read all about the project here.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

JavaOne, Day One, News

Halfway through the first day of JavaOne 2009, so much has already happened !

There'll be more about JavaFX and Java ME tomorrow, but here's the announcements about Java SE and JavaFX so far.

The Java Store
What's the thing that will allow Java and JavaFX developers to get their apps out to a massive audience ? You knew it was coming ! The Java Store doing a restricted preview of its late summer grand opening, which means you need to sign up to try it out. The front end is a JavaFX application, the backend, which also includes the Java Warehouse, where developers will submit applications that show up in the store, is a Java EE application running on Glassfish. The first iteration is for desktop applications, with mobile apps coming later.

JavaFX 1.2
Surprise ! There's a new mobile emulator, there's a long list of new cross device GUI components, layouts, support for RSS and ATOM feeds, the startup on the desktop is about 40% quicker. Try out the new samples. And there's preview versions of JavaFX on Solaris, Linux.

JavaFX on TV, as seen on an LG TV set-top box ! A new JavaFX Authoring tool ! Totally new super fast graphics stack for JavaFX. All three by the end of this year.

Java SE
Java SE 6u14 is out with the new 64bit browser plugin, and an evaluation version of the new G1 collector. The preview of JDK 7 is released (based on Milestone 3), and a first sighting of Project Jigsaw, showing the JDK partitioned into a set of small modules: jdk-base, jdk-awt, jdk-swing, jdk-tool etc that can be loaded (quickly!) with minimal dependencies.

Deja vu moment
Rewriting StarOffice in JavaFX ?

Wednesday May 20, 2009

JDK watch: Looking good for M3 and JavaOne

You'll see in the latest JDK 7 build that the new G1 collector is getting a good bashing, with a number of important bugs fixed.

The preview implementation of JSR 292 is in, and the rumors that reached the all hearing Planetarium ears turned out to be true: Charlie's trying it out in JRuby, and so's Frank with Jython.

So together with compressed object pointers, NIO 2 (which Alan has been blogging about at length - from the new filesystem API, to monitoring direct buffers), an important tweak to the classloader, SDP API and Solaris implementation, and SCTP support, which Chris blogs about today at length, things are in great shape for Milestone 3, which will be released at JavaOne.

Wednesday May 06, 2009

JDK 7 Watch: UI week

It seems the Janitor is not the only one on JDK 7 watch these days.

Last week's JDK 7 build was a GUI flavored one, with a couple of the most visible features added to Java SE 6u10 making it into the JDK 7 codebase. Alex blogged about the addition of Nimbus Look and Feel (did you know which L&F most people like best ?), and translucent and shaped windows are now in. There's also a rumor that JXLayer is nearly ready - this is the handy utility that helps you add effects to composite Swing GUIs, like this, or this.

And you knew that NIO2 is already in the JDK 7 builds, but you might not have known that there are a bunch of samples for it too.

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

JDK 7 watch: Milestone 3

Even as The Planetarium was hearing all about its new landlord, it was good to see JDK 7 showing steady progress towards its milestones. The next one, M3, is going to be the JDK7 Preview release for JavaOne. With the inclusion of SDP, and early sightings of SCTP, and ongoing work forward-porting Java SE 6u10 features into the JDK7 codebase, the next big thing to look out for this milestone will be the integration of JSR 292.

In related news, there's a new combined JDK/JavaFX SDK download bundle for those of you who like it all in one. You might want to keep tabs on this blog, which is fairly consistently blogging code showing how to use the new features going into JDK 7, like how to use Paths instead of Files with NIO2, and a nice deployment toolkit 101 for those of you deploying applets of some flavor. And Dr Dobbs pulse appeared to race about the seductive qualities of the new concurrency work for jdk7, with hopes that it will help prolong the success of Java in the technology jungle.

Monday Apr 13, 2009

JDK 7-watch: NIO2

One of the features on the plate for JDK7, and incidentally, one of the features that has already made it into the weekly builds is the new NIO2 API.

NIO2 speclead Alan Bateman blogged late last week in some detail about features like the new filesystem api, and how the bread and butter of this new API is the Path class and the DirectoryStream interface for operations on file directories, like for performing a file search efficiently. And at last there is a way to get notifications when something in the filesystem changes.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

JDK and JRE Watch

Latest in a regular series from Java SE-land is a roundup of goodies from the last week.

You probably saw that Java SE 6 Update 13 shipped last week. Despite some wild headlines, this was bugfix release with some important security issues addressed. And a notable fix of this bug in the draggable applets feature, a sign that this feature is getting more of a workout.

Next Java SE 6 Update is 14, in early access, which most notably includes the Garbage First collector to play with.

This more predictable garbage collector is one of the features of the upcoming JDK 7, of which Martin did a nice overview, including the modularity work of Jigsaw (see API doc here).

As is the multi-language support: John posted a patched Java compiler and Netbeans for people to try out dynamic types, method handles, and invokedynamic features of the DaVinci Machine Project which are due to be put into JDK 7 builds for JavaOne.

Project Coin closed its slot today. Joe has been posting regular updates on the proposals for small changes to the Java language for this project. It's a much quicker way to get up to speed than the lively mailing list.

In other language news, there's an update to the Checker framework, which is a great way to try out the current state of the Annotations on Java types JSR 308.

Alex posted an update on the bugs fixed in the Swing App Framework, and is looking for input from Swing developers. SAF is due to go into JDK 7 late August.

And, did you want to come to JavaOne for free ?

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