Thursday Oct 29, 2009

JavaFX: Really Challenging

Have you see the monthly challenges over at JFXStudio ?

All the entries have to have less than 30 lines or 3000 charcters of code. Last month the theme was Time, this month its the number 5. Numerologically speaking, the number 5 goes hand in hand with sociability, and a tendency to excess. Guess which member of the JavaFX team picked that one ?

And ProJavaFX co-author Jim Weaver has been running a JavaFX challenge of his own.

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

Java Store in final stages before open

The Java Store team here at Sun is in the final stage of readying things to fling open the doors to shoppers in the next week or so !

This means one more tweak of the store front: just like in a physical store, polishing signage, perfecting the display areas and checkouts: in this case making the final UI changes to the all-JavaFX desktop app that showcases all the Java and JavaFX applications in stock and allows purchase and installation.

And it means final verification of the apps that will be on the shelves of the store on the day it opens - approaching 50 already, as participants in the beta program will already know - with more applications, ranging from free to paid, to come. All coming in at the back of the store, the Java Warehouse, which has been pretty busy of late.

So if you have a Java or JavaFX app that's looking for an audience (like, perhaps the 60-70m that download the JRE each month...), you should stay tuned to the Planetarium. Much more in the coming weeks !

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

Launch parties for Java ME SDK for Mac and NetBeans 6.8 ?

Last week was a pretty busy one, with the release of Java ME SDK for Mac (early access), and the NetBeans 6.8 beta.

The Java ME SDK is the all-in-one phone to Blu-Ray app development kit, and the news is that its now available on the Mac platform too. Ready for the final NetBeans 6.8 release on December 1st, whose beta has already had a bunch of promising reviews for the new features, like zapping up the JavaFX code editing  and hinting niceties that Tor has often mentioned.

It's strange no-one suggested doing home launch parties for them. They can be such fun !

Friday Oct 02, 2009

How would you rate JavaFX ?

Don't bottle up any unexpressed opinions about JavaFX, take the survey.

Mixed in with the usual snoozeville multichoice questions about the kind of project you work on, you get to rate the current feature set and rank the importance of new features the team's working on: tooling, more controls, performance.

When was the last time you did anything anonymous on the internet so quick ?

Thursday Oct 01, 2009

JVM Language Summit inspiration

It's hard to believe that the JVM Language Summit is only a year old, and the recent second iteration appears to have been a great success.

Hopefully soon you'll be able to watch the talks online, like last year's, but in the meantime all the talk materials are online, and there are some home video style vignettes here. For a concise written summary, take a look at these short summaries of day one, day two, and day three. All the LOLs and OMGs are archived here. Organizer and JSR 292 lead John Rose was inspired by the Greats, even as sartorial inspiration was reportedly in shorter supply.

As you will hear on the Java Posse, language success comes with great responsibility: Noop take heed. This new language (No-awp) for the JVM (or the idea of one) was introduced; the dust is still settling as to whether this year's Fan is going to storm the developer world, or just its own coffee cup.

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