Monday May 12, 2008

Intel Dave talks on OpenSolaris and Xeon

Check out the video that Dave Stewart(known as Intel Dave) from the OpenSolaris Community did last week. Dave is a very active community contributor within the OpenSolaris Community and is also on the Board! He talks about contributing and to join the community!! Great video Dave - love it! Check it out below.

Tuesday May 06, 2008

An OpenSolaris Birthday Celebration

One of our campus ambassadors, Kumar Abishek did another great celebration for OpenSolaris. I blogged earlier about Kumar coming up with the idea of celebrating with an OpenSolaris Birthday Party. He did indeed- it's awesome. Kumar feels very passionate about OpenSolaris and we are excited to see him making all these activities come to life. Enjoy the video!!

Monday May 05, 2008

Simon Phipps Interview Opensource Strategy at CommunityOne2008

I interviewed Simon Phipps...what an amazing guy, not only is he brilliant but he is funny,warm and an awesome photographer! I spoke with him today for a couple of hours..he not only interviewed with me but taught me a lesson in imovie and quicktime. The interview I did is very organic and will here me giggling at the end. I tried to edit it out but my skills are lacking in that area. I tried the imovie Simon, but I don't know what happened there was no sound so I went with what I had. It's still awesome content. Check out what Simon discusses on Opensource strategy minus my laughing at the end. Enjoy! The launch may be over but it's only the beginning..There is much more to come! Keep checking in 

CommunityOne Human Hamster Toy

What a day!! It has been very busy here at CommunityOne. There was a great toy that people have been lining up for. Who would think people would want to feel like a hamster in the ball...but hey whatever floats your boat. Check out the Human Zorb. Very funny to watch.

Sunday May 04, 2008

The Big Day!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! It is officially here!  I am getting excited for the day and can't wait to capture it!! At the OpenSolaris Developer Summit this weekend ..... it was on!! There was a lot of collaboration! The Sun and Non-Sun community came together and had a great time. They hung out, watched sessions gave feedback and educated one another on OpenSolaris and had some tasty beverages as well on Saturday night. I missed that night but heard it was fun. It was a very informative event for me as a newbie to the community and a great opportunity to see the community as a whole! Rather than just over the blogsphere. The venue was in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Everyone really enjoyed the outdoors of the event. Jesse Silver put together an awesome summit and planned all the technical sessions with great timing. This was said to me by several members of the community!!You Rock Jesse..Or should I say ARRIBA...with a shot of tequila ;) It is after all Cinco de Mayo or another blogger said, "Cinco de OpenSolaris!".  Hope to see you all at CommunityOne today and at the after party too!!! Below is a video of a couple community members.

At the Summit!

At the OpenSolaris Developer Summit in Santa Cruz!!  Listening to some very cool stuff!!  I am planning on capturing some good videos today with some of the Community Members.  I will be traveling to SF later today and will post the videos for all to view!!!  Only ONE more day for the Big day at CommunityOne.  There are a log of great points that Ben Rockwood and Dan Roberts have made!!

Thursday May 01, 2008

Cinco days Left!!!!

Hola!!!! There are only Cinco days left until the BIG day!!!! We will be celebrating like "Rockstars" at CommunityOne. Speaking of celebrating OpenSolaris. A Campus Ambassador Kumar, created an awesome video cheering on OpenSolaris with a very large group of people. It is fantastic to see people excited about what is happening. Kumar and others also created an"I Love OpenSolaris" Face Book page. There are so many people that are starting to really get fired up for this day!! Stay tuned..I will be at the Summit on Sunday talking to people and videoing community members on their thoughts on OpenSolaris. Check out the video below by Kumar! Enjoy and Come back to the open waters!

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

The Countdown Begins...

The countdown has begun!!!  It is 6 days and counting, unbelievable that the BIG BASH following CommunityOne on May 5th is almost here!!!  It will be so much fun and very exciting to hear what is being announced on OpenSolaris..I will be blogging, blogging and more blogging oh- and video taping people so watch out! 

Some exciting news today with Openstorage making an announcement!! Very nice discussion with John Fowler

There is also going to be a great Live OpenSolaris Chat happening Thursday, 5/1 at 12:00 pm. So many cool things happening around here!!! So please stay tuned-


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