Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Software Freedom Day is Coming!!!!

Software Freedom Day is right around the corner. It is a great opportunity for the entire open source community! Software Freedom Day (SFD) is September 19th. Software Freedom Day is a global celebration and education of why transparent and sustainable technologies are now more important than ever. With over 200 teams in 60 countries participating, it is a fantastic event to get your schools and communities involved in. Go along to your local event or start your own event and meet a wide range of people, all working together to help ensure our freedoms are maintained by the technologies of tomorrow.
Support Software Freedom Day
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Thursday May 28, 2009

OpenSolaris Live Chat Transcript!

This morning OpenSolaris Marketing and Engineering hosted the OpenSolaris Live Chat - If you didn't get a chance to log on to the OpenSolaris Chat I have included the transcript in my blog for those of you who are interested in reading the transcript. I would like to thank the 125,000 unique visitors that came to the chat- some great questions!  A special thanks to Stephen Hahn, David Comay, Jim Walker, Glynn Foster, Bart Smaalders, Danek Duvall, David Miner, Joost Pronk and Sunay Tripathi. Check it out here

Sorry for those who came here earlier and experienced problems reading the script live...having bad blog day issues!

Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

OpenSolaris Newsletter - Launched Today!!

Today the first issue of the OpenSolaris Newsletter was sent out! The newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis with great insight to OpenSolaris with tech tips, news, how-to-articles, cool events and much more.  Subscribe to the newsletter today- Join the Community!

It can be found at


Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Register Now - OpenSolaris Storage Summit 2008!


The date for the OpenSolaris Storage Summit has been set. We will be hosting the event at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency hotel on the 21st of September, 2008. This is right before this year's Storage Developer Conference at which Sun is a Platinum sponsor.

We already have a couple of keynote speakers lined up: Ben Rockwood and Mike Shapiro. It will take place all day Sunday, so if you are coming to SDC this year, come a day early and participate. We will have the first ever OpenSolaris Storage Community meeting (face to face). A great way to meet some folks that you may only know by their email addresses. Everybody has an opportunity to give a Lightning talk and/or put a poster together about what they are working on or doing with OpenSolaris storage.

Registration is via a wiki page here: Just add your name and contact information into the Attendance List table and you are registered! Attendance is free and we hope many folks from the community will attend this year. Also, you should add yourself to the summit list, even if you are not sure you will be able to go, so you can keep up to date with the planned activities. We may create ways to participate even if you can't make it to Santa Clara this year (if we get people asking for access). Once registered, scroll down to the bottom of the wiki and suggest some topics or volunteer to participate as a poster or lightning talk. Fill in some details about yourself (or someone else) at the bottom of the page.

Check it out, get involved, and I hope to see you there! It will be a blast. More details later...

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

OpenSolaris Jingle

Check out a great OpenSolaris Jingle that was performed at an OpenSource/Foss Event!!! Mayuresh Nirhali and others performed this song. The Open Source Mela (Fair), at Sun's India Engineering Center, happened back in March, 2008 there were a lot technical sessions around FOSS technologies. The idea behind this internal event was to foster the culture of open source projects internally. Along with the technical sessions, some fun-filled events were also hosted. One of them was a mad-ad contest. Enjoy!

Monday Aug 04, 2008

1st Annual OpenSolaris Storage Summit-September 21st!!

The 1st Annual OpenSolaris Storage Summit is happening on September 21, 2008!!! This is an event for the OpenSolaris Storage community to come, connect, have fun, meet the community and listen to some excellent speakers! It will be an awesome event, not one to miss. Drinks, a steel drum band, give-aways and lots of cool other things. An agenda will be posted on the wiki!! So, come and register for the event! Check it out.
Sun is a Platinum Sponsor of SDC '08
Join the OpenSolaris Storage Summit on September 21, 2008

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

OpenSolaris Live Chat in Second Life!

Check out the OpenSolaris Live Chat in Second Life that is taking place on July 9th at 7:30 am. PT.  Tim Cramer, Stephen Hahn, David Comay and Glynn Foster will be in the chat answering all your questions.  Come check it and see where OpenSolaris is heading!  Should be a great chat, you may even see Tim flying around in the room! If you don't have an avatar you can always jump on the webstream and check it out.

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Register today for the OpenSolaris Developer Conference in Prague!!

There is a very cool OpenSolaris Developer Conference taking place in Prague!

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDevCon) moves for its second year from the heart of Germany – Berlin to the heart of Czech Republic – Prague.

The OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDevCon) is an annual worldwide community event organized conference for OpenSolaris enthusiasts, engineers and users. The purpose of the conference is to bring together people interested in OpenSolaris development and meet, discuss, create connections between attendees and do coding together in an informal fashion.

Register today

Enjoy and if you end up going please send pics!!

Monday Jun 09, 2008

Intel Dave talks on OpenSolaris again!!!

 Intel Dave has some more cool things to share with Intel and OpenSolaris. Dave is doing a series of OpenSolaris and Intels' open source optimization for Xeon.  These are truly great  videos - great job Dave!!! Check out his blog where is posting the videos.

Friday Jun 06, 2008

LinuxTag 2008 update!!

Last week the LinuxTag 2008 event took place where Ian Murdock was the keynote . OpenSolaris and Open HA Cluster had a great presence.  See the great update that was received from Sun PR -Terri Molini below.  Some awesome information on the successes that we had from Sun. This is rockin' news!

This year's LinuxTag was a huge success for Sun. The event attracted nearly 12,000 visitors to the 4 day event from 31 countries to Berlin to visit what is considered, Europe's largest Linux and open source software conference. Sun Microsystems and IBM Germany were the official sponsors. In addition, more than 200 Companies and independent projects, including, took part in the 14th LinuxTag. One of the most important trends that emerged from the conference was an awareness of the increasing degree of cooperation among projects from different areas, producing user-friendly solutions for users, customers and the community at large.

Sun conducted many on-site interviews, podcasts, videocast and supported the efforts of the CIO Summit that was taking place in conjunction with LinuxTag conference.

On-site interviews included:
Anika Kehrer, Linux-Magazin (Ian Murdock)
Student lecture at Technical University of Berlin (Ian Murdock)
Interview with German YouTube Sun Channel, Donatus Schmid & Marc Baumann (Ian Murdock)
Julius Stiebert, (Ian Murdock)
Nathan Eddy, ChannelWeb/CRN (Ian Murdock, Charlie Boyle and Juergen Mannheim)

Additional booth interviews included the attendees of the CIO Summit for IT decision makers as well as the traditional congress for businesses and authoritative bodies. These included executives in charge of IT systems within the Federal Interior Ministry as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs presented the OpenSolaris and other open source strategies of Sun to the German government and its ministries.

Sun projects featured in the booth included:
Open HA Cluster
Sun Studio

Podcasts: (Open HA Cluster Announcement)


Videocasts: (Assorted projects)

In production, will post as soon as they are ready.
(OGG files preferred.)

Sun Blogs: 
Will post as soon as I get them collected. Feel free to send them to me!

Press Coverage (To Date):

LinuxTag 2008 a success
4 June 2008

According to the Messe Berlin, the appeal of the “LinuxTag 2008” which came to an end on Saturday in Berlin was even stronger than in previous years. In total almost 12.000 people from 31 countries attended this event for Linux and open source software which is the biggest of its kind in Europe. This corresponds to an increase by 21% as compared to the year 2007. The percentage of visitors from abroad also increased and reached 12% this year. More ....


Inside Europe's LinuxTag 2008 Open Source Soiree
CRN, ChannelWeb
Nathan Eddy
2 June 2008;jsessionid=FZX41LPPS5T04QSNDLPSKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgno=7

Sun Is Shining, Open Source Is Sweet
Sun Microsystem's director of Solaris product marketing Charlie Boyle explains how OpenSolaris, an open source project based on Sun's Solaris operating system technology, works inside Windows. "What we're doing is trying to lower the barrier so everyone has access to open source," he said. "This is a core part of Sun's business now -- this is not our toe in the water. It's about participation. We want people to know the technology is accessible, the community is vibrant, and we want people to be successful."

Duitse LinuxTag groot suces (Attached)
Automatisering Gids (Netherlands)
2 June 2008
(no url available)

Automatisering Gids wrote a summery of Sun's involvement in LinuxTag and featured a photo of the Sun booth. Terri Molini was quoted mentioning that the event is an excellent platform for Sun to launch new products. (Story attached)


Rise in attendance at International LinuxTag
31 May 2008

LinuxTag is attracting greater attention than ever before. This year 11,612 visitors from 31 countries came to Berlin to visit Europe's largest event for Linux and open source software, around 18 per cent more than last year. The number of visitors from abroad was 12 per cent higher than the previous year. Professional users, experts and interested visitors from all over Europe, Africa, Asia and North America were gathered at the international meeting place for business and the community, which ended last Saturday. More .....


Sun Microsystems´ Ian Murdock Keynotes LinuxTag 2008
Leser des Artikels: 29
Wallstreet Online

In his keynote at the annual LinuxTag 2008 developer conference, Ian Murdock, vice president for Developer and Community Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA nachrichten), will discuss the increasing role communities play in the software industry, how technologies and the companies and communities that create them are increasingly interconnected, and how the power of community can and should play a role in next generation platforms.


FlightGear on LinuxTag at Berlin's Messezentrum unter dem Funkturm.
28 May 2008

FlightGear on LinuxTag at Berlin's Messezentrum unter dem Funkturm. The world's No. 1 Linux Expo and Conference since 1996. For this years LinuxTag booth, SUN Microsystems GmbH ( is sponsoring and providing the booth hardware: Two SUN Ultra 40 Workstations, each equipped with four monitors.

In addition, "Science + Computing AG" (, an IT company from Tuebingen, Germany, is providing money to help offset the costs of the FlightGear booth.


LinuxTag 2008
28 May 2008

LinuxTag is Europe's most important event for free and open source software. In 2007, more than 9,000 visitors experienced this unique combination of conferences, tutorials and trade fair. The fourteenth incarnation of this great arrangement will provide up-to-date information to power users, decision makers and researchers, as well as to software developers, newcomers and the open source community. For more details on the event in Berlin please visit the LinuxTag website. More ....


News Announcements:

1) Sun Microsystems’ Ian Murdock Keynotes LinuxTag 2008

Murdock to Discuss the Community-led Evolution that is Reshaping the Software Industry; Highlights New Developments for OpenSolaris (Free Download at, Open High Availability (HA) Cluster and Extension Repository

Murdock will also introduce the Open High Availability (HA) Cluster, the source code base for Sun's Solaris Cluster product and the availability of more than one hundred extensions within the Extension Repository.

2) 3.0 Beta and Extensions Show Strong Momentum;
Office Productivity Suite Delivers Document Accessibility for Mac Users with Disabilities

Friday May 23, 2008

OpenSolaris and Open HA Cluster at LinuxTag 2008!

It's been a while since I have blogged. I had a bit of writer's block..I am BACK on now! 

There are some cool things happening at LinuxTag 2008! Sun has a very big presence at LinuxTag in Berlin this year.  LinuxTag begins on May 28 thru 31st.  Sun is an official sponsor at this event. OpenSolaris has two demos one is a stand alone OpenSolaris demo and the second is OpenSolaris with Xvm and Virtualbox. Open High Availability(HA) Cluster has a demo, High Availability Cluster training sessions, videos and more.  Ian Murdock is a keynote on stage.  Ian will be announcing news on OpenSolaris and some exciting news on Open High Availability(HA) Cluster..stay tuned!! This will be a great event for open source products. The booth staff will be wearing OpenSolaris shirts. The will also be giving away OpenSolaris Live CDs, t-shirts and stickers. 

I will be interviewing some people on Open High Availability Cluster next week...check in with the OpenWaters to see what they have to say!

Enjoy the Memorial Holiday!


Tuesday May 06, 2008

Wrap upon OpenSolaris Developer Summit

I met up with Jesse Silver at the OpenSolaris Summit on the last day to go over how the Summit went from his perspective regarding if the goals/objectives were met and how he felt the event went as whole. See Jesse's video - Great Job Jesse!

I will be sharing the latest news within Oracle Systems Product Management. Talking about technology updates, new content available and sharing videos specific to the Systems portfolio of products.


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