Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Tag search is now available

Try out the new tag search feature! Search for a tag with keywords by typing the keywords in the search area and selecting "Tags" from the "Scope" drop down list. The results will be shown as a tag cloud in the "Tag Search Results" tab. Click on any of the resulting tags to find items tagged with it.

With so many tags being added daily to the Sun Software Library, this is a great way to check out the specific ones you are interested in. Especially when they do not show up in the most used tag cloud or in the other available tag clouds: Industries, Locations, Solution areas and Sun Technologies. 

If you are adding a tag it might be good to first search for it, or variations of it, to see how it is being used in the library. Please keep in mind that tags with multiple words and spaces are allowed in the Sun Software Library.

We look forward to your feedback about this new feature.

Monday Mar 16, 2009

Sun Software Library build #68 deployed - browsing the library via Tag Clouds

"The Ides of March has come"
"Aye Caesar, but not gone"

On Monday March 16th, 2009, we deployed build #68 of the Sun Software Library.  This blog entry details the additions we've made.

This is the second of a series of releases that will significantly enhance the way we use tags to browse the data in the Sun Software Library.  In this release, we have introduced the concept of multiple Tag Clouds, each with a different vocabulary. 

Here are the new features in this release:

  • Multiple Tag Clouds: This is the major new feature in this release, it's been in development for a while.  This feature enables you to browse the data in the Sun Software Library in different ways.  To see it, click the "view tags" button on the home page.  This is what you will see:

    Sun Software Library Tag Clouds

    The "Most Used" tag cloud represents the tags that are most frequently used in the Sun Software Library, arranged alphabetically.  The number next to each tag name represents the number of entries in the Sun Software Library that are tagged with that tag.  The font size of the text is also relative to the number of times a tag is used (larger font equates to a tag being used more often).

    Clicking on the "Locations" tab, for example, displays a tag cloud of the various location tags in the Sun Software Library (shown below).  For a list of locations, we've standardized on the ISO list of countries.

    Sun Software Library Location Tag Cloud

    Similarly, the other tabs display other tag clouds.

    These tag clouds can also be browsed in the "skinny tag cloud" that is displayed next to the search results.  Simply pick the tag cloud you want to see from the dropdown menu.

    Sun Software Library Tag Clouds

  • API support for tag clouds: We added the following APIs in support of the tag cloud feature.

    GET will retrieve the TagList for the "Industries" tag cloud.  The following tables maps between cloud_id and Tag Cloud name.

    Cloud ID
    Cloud Name
     2  Industries
     3  Locations
     Solution Area
     Sun Technologies

    If you want to see a list of tags in a particular Tag Cloud, run the following CURL command.  Of course, you are using Solaris, right?

    $ curl

    The output will be (the list below is truncated):

    {"TagList": {
      "items": [
        {"entity": {
          "updatedAt": "2008-08-28 03:15:36 GMT",
          "id": 6856,
          "resourceCount": 0,
          "totalCount": 373,
          "description": "Auto Created",
          "createdAt": "2008-08-28 03:15:36 GMT",
          "newsCount": 0,
          "name": "Financial Services-Banking",
          "publisherCount": 373,
          "softwareCount": 0
        {"entity": {
          "updatedAt": "2008-08-28 03:15:37 GMT",
          "id": 6857,
          "resourceCount": 2,
          "totalCount": 1706,
          "description": "Auto Created",
          "createdAt": "2008-08-28 03:15:37 GMT",
          "newsCount": 0,
          "name": "Financial Services",
          "publisherCount": 1702,
          "softwareCount": 2
      "itemsReturned": 111,
      "itemsFound": 111,
      "totalItems": 2581

    If you want to see just the Tag names, you can run the following command:

    $ curl -s | grep '"name":'
  • Performance improvements: In our never ending mission to improve the performance of our Web UI, we continually take steps to improve performance.  This time around, we have automatically concatenated all of our CSS files into a single CSS file, improving page startup time.

And that's all for this particular iteration, folks!  Next application deploy will be in two weeks (assuming the additions we've made in the last two weeks pass our QA tests).

Question for you: Did we get our vocabulary list right for each of the tag clouds?  Send us feedback!

Welcome to the Sun Software Library blog, where you will find interesting updates and tidbits about using the Sun Software Library.


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