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    December 12, 2011

New Docs with JavaFX 2.0.2

New information has been added to the documentation for the JavaFX 2.0.2 update:

  • Styling Charts with CSS describes how to alter the visual appearance of charts in your application. Using the various CSS classes and properties you can set an alternative color scheme, add images and graphical effects, modify the chart legend and plot, and even invent new chart symbols.

  • The Menu chapter of the JavaFX UI Controls tutorial describes how to build a menu bar in your application, add menu items, assign specific actions to each item, and set a context menu for a node.

  • Handling JavaFX Events describes how to create and use event handlers and event filters to process user interactions with your application.

  • Using a Doclet with JavaFX describes how to use the Javadoc doclet that was created for use with JavaFX source code. Using the doclet with the Javadoc tool produces customized HTML documentation.

  • Deploying JavaFX Applications describes a new JavaFX Ant helper parameter, <fx:argument>. Also new is a mechanism for passing images to the <fx:deploy> task. Use <fx:icon> to pass icons for various purposes or <fx:splash> to pass a splash screen image for Web Start applications.

Starting with Java SE 7 Update 2, the JavaFX SDK is bundled with the JDK. Installing JavaFX provides information on installing the JDK that includes the JavaFX SDK as well as information on installng the standalone JavaFX SDK.

Any doc that includes a NetBeans project has been updated with a new NetBeans project due to changes in the project format between NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta and NetBeans IDE 7.1. The new projects require NetBeans IDE 7.1.

You can download JavaFX 2.0.2 from OTN. For all tutorials and API documentation, see http://docs.oracle.com/javafx.

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