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JDK 10 Is Released!

JDK 10 is live! Download it from the Java SE Downloads page. See the JDK 10 Release Notes for detailed information about this release. Highlights include:

  • Serialization filtering helps prevent deserialization vulnerabilities.
  • Local-variable type inference enables you to define local variables with the var identifier; the data type of these variables is inferred from the context.
  • The path-to-gc-roots parameter specifies whether to collect the path to garbage collection (GC) roots at the end of a Java Flight Recorder (JFR) recording; it's useful for finding memory leaks. It's available from the JFR.dump and JFR.start commands from the jcmd tool; see the new Java Flight Recorder Command Reference. It's also available from the -XX:StartFlightRecording option from the java tool.
  • The cacerts keystore ships with a set of root certificates issued by the CAs of the Oracle Java Root Certificate program. See the keytool command.
  • The javadoc command supports multiple stylesheets with the --add-stylesheet option

See What's New in JDK 10 - New Features and Enhancements for further information.

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