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    September 10, 2013

Java Tutorial JDK 8 Early Access Updates

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An updated Java Tutorial was released today to coincide with the release of JDK 7u40. In addition to the updates for the 7u40 release, this update also includes new JDK 8 early access documentation:

  • We are pleased to announce the release of the new Date-Time trail. The Date-Time APIs, coming in JDK 8, are a result of the work from JSR 310 and provide a comprehensive model for date and time. The new trail covers the classes based on the standard ISO calendar system and includes info on converting date and time values to other calendar systems. There is also a Legacy Date-Time page on migrating from the java.util date classes to the new java.time APIs.

  • The Bulk Data Operations lesson has been added to the Collections trail. Bulk data operations iterate over collections on your behalf, which enables you to write more concise and efficient code that processes elements stored in collections.

Also, for this release, the Java SE Tutorials Download page has been updated with a new zipfile of the tutorial bundle and new ebook files (in both epub and mobi formats) for all trails, including the new Date-Time trail.

For more information on JDK 8 Early Access documentation, see JDK 8 Documentation - Developer Preview Release.

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