Swing, Web 2.0 and JavaFX

... a Technical Writer Looks at JavaFX I've been helping to document Swing classes for about six months now. I'm delighted to see that Swing today is much more flexible and powerful than it was three years ago; the last time I wrote a Swing application. The web has changed in the last three years. Web developers have gotten very serious about interactivity. Server-side technologies have matured. Flash became more important, and then AJAX breathed new life into javascript about...

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Early Access: Solving Common Component Problems Using Other Swing Features

Did you ever encountered with any difficulties while studying the Using Other Swing Features of the Java Tutorial? This section is intended to resolve common problems and anticipate some unknown questions. Problem: My application is not showing the look and feel I have requested via UIManager.setLookAndFeel. You probably either set the look and feel to an invalid look and feel or set it after the UI manager loaded the default look and feel. If you are sure that the look and...

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Java SE Tutorials Update

In our continued effort to update the Java SE tutorials to JDK 6, a new version of the tutorial is now available, timed to coincide with JavaOne 2007. This update focuses on the Swing tutorial (nothing else has changed, other than minor fixes). A big change: Swing examples are now bundled to work in NetBeans IDE! This means that the directory structure for the examples is different and the location of the example index files has changed (redirects are in place). The examples...

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Early Access: Creating Custom Components (Outline Only)

Below is the new outline for the "Custom Painting" lesson. We're changing the lesson title to "Creating Custom Components" and will be providing a number of technical updates to make the material current with JDK 6. I've also changed the flow of the discussion to become a little more direct and to the point. Below is the proposed outline for the new lesson. If you have suggestions for anything else to add to it, now is the time to tell us! Or if you think this outline makes...

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The Java SE Documentation Survey

We are in the process of looking at the Java SE documentation with a critical eye — we want to determine where to focus our attention and resources. To that end, please take our Java SE Documentation survey and let us know what you like and what you want to see improved! Meanwhile, thanks for the responses we've received so far on the early access lesson for Learning Swing with NetBeans. Please, keep those responses coming! -- Sharon Zakhour

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Early Access Lesson: Learning Swing with the NetBeans IDE

This blog entry is our first "Early Access" document. It is a work in progress... one that is currently up for technical review by engineering. As part of our early access initiative, we are allowing you, the reader, to comment on the document as we are writing it. We are still evaluating whether or not this approach will actually provide us with useful feedback; if you are reading this and would like to see more lessons posted as "works in progress", then leave us a comment!T...

Thursday, March 1, 2007 | Java | Read More

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