JDK 7 In Action - Learn With Java Tutorials and Developer Guides

At JavaOne 2012, Stuart Marks, Mike Duigou, and Joe Darcy gave a presentation about JDK 7 In Action. Learn more about using JDK 7 features with the help of Java Tutorials and JDK 7 Developer Guides. Links to relevant information are provided below. If you are considering moving to JDK 7 from a previous release, the JDK 7 Release Notes and JDK 7 Adoption Guide are great resources. Project Coin Features Improved Literals * Literals section in Primitive Datatypes topic. * Bina...

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JavaFX 2.2 Documentation

The JavaFX documentation has been updated. A new learning trail is available on the landing page to help you manage the look and feel of your JavaFX application. Besides this addition, you can find the following changes: Deploying JavaFX Applications has been heavily revised to incorporate several new deployment features in JDK 7u6/JavaFX 2.2. See What's New for more information. Hybrid applications that use both SWT and JavaFX libraries can benefit from the improved packaging...

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JDK 7u6 Is Released!

The Java SE 7u6 release has gone live! You can download it from the Java SE Downloads page. The Java™ SE Development Kit 7, Update 6 (JDK 7u6) Release Notes has detailed information about the release, but the highlights of this update include: The first full release of Oracle Java for Mac OS X. You may find the following documentation useful: The JDK and JRE 7 Installation page has links to instructions on installing the JRE and the JDK for the Mac, including a FAQ, and a page...

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Java Tutorials Update

The Java Tutorials have been updated. This version features a reworked Generics lesson. The downloadable tutorial bundle and ebook (which contains the Generics lesson) have been updated. The javatrail.epub book will be updated towards the end of the month. You can access the downloadable materials through the Java SE Tutorials download page.

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JavaFX Scene Builder Docs Updated

JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0 Developer Release documentation has been updated with the promotion of development build 38. Getting Started with JavaFX Scene Builder has been modified to use the latest JavaFX 2.2 development build and demonstrate the integration that is now available with the latest NetBeans IDE 7.2 development build. You can create your FXML layout file using the NetBean's New wizard and use the Scene Builder visual tool to continue designing the user interface...

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New Docs and Updates with JavaFX 2.1

New documentation has been added with the JavaFX 2.1 release. The Getting Started guide has grown into a series of introductory tutorials. Hello World, JavaFX Style introduces you to the basic structure of a JavaFX application. An added benefit of this tutorial is that enables you to test that your JavaFX technology is installed properly. Creating a Form in JavaFX teaches the basics of screen layout, how to add controls to a layout pane, and how to create input events. Fancy...

Thursday, April 26, 2012 | Java | Read More

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