JavaOne 2012 - Java Certification

The Java Tutorials are a great resource to learn the Java language and prepare for the JDK 7 certification exams. The lesson titled Preparation for Java Programmer Language Certification simplifies the learning process by mapping the Java certification objectives to relevant sections in the Java Tutorials. The JavaOne 2012 session titled Java Certifications: Learn, Pass, and Teach also provides more information. - Sowmya

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JavaOne 2012: JDBC Community Discussion

At JavaOne2012, Mark Biamonte of DataDirect Technologies and Lance Andersen of Oracle organized a discussion about JDBC. To learn more about using JDBC to develop database applications, see the JDBC trail in the Java Tutorials. You will know how to use the basic JDBC API to * create tables * insert values into them * query the tables * retrieve the results of the queries * update the tablesIn this process, you will learn how to use simple statements and prepared statements,...

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JavaOne 2012 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2

At JavaOne 2012, Mohamed Taman of e-finance gave a presentation highlighting the power of NIO.2, the file I/O APIs introduced in JDK 7. He shared information on how to get the most out of NIO.2, gave tips on migrating your I/O code to NIO.2, and presented case studies. The File I/O (featuring NIO.2) lesson in the Java Tutorials has extensive coverage of NIO.2 and includes the following topics: Managing Metadata Walking the File Tree Finding Files, including information on using Pa...

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JavaOne 2012 - Why Should I Switch to Java SE 7

At JavaOne 2012, David Keenan and Staffan Friberg gave a presentation to answer why it is beneficial to update your production environment to Java SE 7. The following resources will help you learn more about JDK 7 features and facilitate a smooth transition: * Features and Enhancements and Known Issues * Compatibility with earlier releases * JDK 7 and JRE 7 Certified System Configurations * JDK 7 and JRE 7 Supported Locales * JDK 7 Adoption Guide * Information About 7...

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JavaOne 2012 - Java Generics

At JavaOne 2012, Venkat Subramaniam of Agile Developer, Inc, presented a conference session titled "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Java Generics." Dr Subramaniam discussed the use of generics, what to watch out for when using generics, and best practices. To learn more about working with generics, see the Generics trail in the Java Tutorials. The trail was recently expanded and coverage added for the following topics: Generics, Inheritance, and Subtypes Guidelines for...

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JavaOne 2012 - Java Deployment on Mac OS X

Also at the JavaOne 2012 conference, Scott Kovatch presented a session on Deploying Your Application with OpenJDK 7 on Mac OS X. The session had special emphasis on how to deploy Java applications to the Mac App Store. Interested developers may find the following documentation useful: Packaging a Java App for Distribution on a Mac. The Java Deployment on Mac OS X presentation, by Scott Kovatch and Chris Bensen, provided an overview of Oracle Java on the Mac. For more...

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