JavaOne 2013: Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood

Today, Java Language Architect Brian Goetz will give a presentation entitled "Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood." Lambda expressions (closures) and default methods are major additions to JDK 8, enabling new expressive opportunities for applications and libraries. This advanced session looks "under the hood" to explore how lambda expressions are implemented in JDK 8. See Lambda Expressions in the Java Tutorial for an introduction to these new language features.

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Pointers to Related Information for the Tuesday 9/24 JavaOne Enterprise Talks and BOFs

Here are some links that provide background information for the JavaOne sessions and BOFs in the Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies track on Tuesday, September 24. What's Next for the Java EE Connector Architecture [BOF7904]: See Chapter 52, Resource Adapters and Contracts and Chapter 53, The Resource Adapter Examples for information about the Java EE Connector Architecture. Nuts and Bolts of Java EE 7 Interceptors [CON7771]: See Chapter 54, Using Java EE Interceptors f...

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JavaOne 2013: Nashorn – JavaScript on the JVM

On Monday, September 23, James Laskey (Oracle) gave his first presentation at JavaOne 2013 entitled Nashorn: JavaScript on the JVM. He talked about Nashorn, a JavaScript engine implemented fully in Java on the JVM. It is based on the Da Vinci Machine (JSR 292) and will be available with JDK 8. On the same day, Viktor Gamov (Farata Systems) gave a presentation entitled Nashorn: Java and JavaScript—Shaken, Not Stirred. His presentation focused on building polyglot...

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JavaOne 2013: Oracle Java Mission Control

On Monday, September 23, Marcus Hirt (Oracle) gave his first presentation at JavaOne 2013 entitled Production-Time Profiling Out of the Box. He talked about the latest addition to JDK 7: Oracle Java Mission Control, a tool suite for low-overhead production-time profiling and diagnostics that originated with the JRockit Mission Control. As part of the convergence between the HotSpot and Oracle JRockit JVMs, Oracle Java Mission Control is now available in the HotSpot JDK. For...

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JavaOne 2013: JavaFX WebView Enhancements

Today, Per Bothner and Anton Tarasov are about to give a BOF entitled Enhanced HTML5 Support and Other Improvements in JavaFX WebView. They will be talking about the new features of the WebView component including the recently added support for HTML5 Web Workers, WebSocket, Web storage, and Web fonts as well as many performance improvements. Specially for JavaOne, the WebView tutorial was updated to cover the newly supported features of HTML5 and additional printing...

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JavaOne 2013: JDK 8 Date and Time APIs

At JavaOne 2013, Roger Riggs (Member of Technical Staff at Oracle) and Stephen Colebourne (Member of Technical Staff at OpenGamma) gave a presentation entitled Introducing the Java Time API in JDK 8 [CON6064]. They talked about the primary classes in the API, and how they differ from the java.util date classes. Topics covered included how to write code that deals with calendars, time zones, as well as how to format and parse date and time values. The new Date-Time trail in the...

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