JavaOne 2014: The Java Time API in Java SE 8

Monday, Roger Riggs of Oracle gave a presentation about The Java Time API in Java SE 8. This API was introduced in JDK 8 and makes it easier for developers to write date-and-time-based code. For more information on this API, see the Date Time Trail in the Java Tutorials.

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JavaOne 2014: Security with Java Deployment

Monday at JavaOne, David DeHaven and Chris Bensen of Oracle gave a presentation on Security with Java Deployment, which covers the changes that were made in the deployment security model over the past few years. Best practices were also discussed. For additional information about the topics covered, see the following Java documentation: Guidelines for Securing Rich Internet Applications Setting Trusted Arguments and Secure Properties JAR File Manifest Attributes for Security Ex...

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JavaOne 2014: Lambda Expressions, Streams, and JDK 8 Enhancements to Collections

The following JavaOne presentations, scheduled for Monday, September 29, discuss lambda expressions, streams, and JDK 8 enhancements to collections: Programming with Lambda Expressions in Java, presented by Venkat Subramaniam, President, Agile Developer, Inc. Combining Collections and Concurrency, presented by, Chris Hegarty, Principal Software Engineer, Oracle and Mike Duigou, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Journey's End: Collection and Reduction in the Stream...

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Java ME Embedded 8.1 Developer Preview on FRDM-K64F is Live!

The Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.1 Developer Preview on FRDM-K64F offers a feature-rich and optimized Java ME 8 runtime in 190 KB RAM, enabling highly functional Java Embedded applications on single-chip micro-controller system. Find more information about the available features and platform limitations in the Release Notes. Study the Getting Started Guide to try the Developer Preview release on FRDM-K64F in action. You can also preview an early access version of the Java ME...

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First Cup and Java EE 7 Tutorial Updated!

On September 9th, Update 1, a significant update to the Java EE 7 SDK, was released. You can get the new SDK from here. Update 1 includes updates to the Java EE 7 Tutorial as well as to the First Cup tutorial. Version numbers for both tutorials are now 7.0.5. The tutorial updates include many bug fixes, both in the examples and in the documentation. Although most of these fixes were small, taken together they should improve your experience using the tutorials. These are the...

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JDK 8u20 Documentation Updates

JDK 8u20 has been released and is available from the Java Downloads page. See the JDK 8u20 Update Release Notes for details. Highlights for this release: The Medium security level has been removed. Now only High and Very High levels are available. Applets that do not conform with the latest security practices can still be authorized to run by adding the sites that host them to the Exception Site List. See Security for more information. The javafxpackager tool has been renamed...

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