JavaOne 2016: Making the JDK More Secure [CON2699]

Today, Sean Mullan (Technical Lead of the Java Security Libraries Team at Oracle) presented session CON2699 on making the JDK more secure. This session covered how to protect your applications from weak algorithms and protocols and how you can test and prepare for upcoming restrictions such as the disabling of SHA-1 certificates (JEP 288). It also covered several new JDK 9 security features such as SHA-3 hash algorithms, OCSP stapling for TLS, and DRBG SecureRandom...

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JavaOne 2016: The Java Security Architecture: How and Why [TUT2817]

Today, David Svoboda (Software Security Engineer at CERT/SEI), presented session TUT2817 on Java security architecture. The session covered the design of the security architecture and the pros and cons of using it. The session took place from 8:30am to 10:30am at the Hilton, Golden Gate 2/3. For more information, see Java Security Overview.

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JavaOne 2016: Using Oracle Java Flight Recorder in an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle [CON1511]

Today Marcus Hirt (Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle) presents session CON1511. In this presentation, Marcus shows how he used the Oracle Java Mission Control and Oracle Java Flight Recorder features of Oracle Java SE Advanced to record large quantities of data from the sensors in a little hobby project: a small autonomous robotic vehicle running Oracle Java SE Embedded. The session focuses on how to use Oracle Java Flight Recorder to great advantage where...

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JavaOne 2016: Lambdas and Functional Programming

On Monday, Sep 19, Henri Tremblay, (Senior Software Engineer, Terracotta, a Software AG company) explains everything you need to know about lambdas and functional programming in Java 8. This session [TUT6198] takes place at 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m in Hilton - Continental Ballroom 4. For more information, see: The Java Tutorials: Lambda Expressions - Learn the basics of Lambda expressions OBE: Java SE 8: Lambda Quick Start - Learn the lambda expressions included in Java SE 8.

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Java Lambda MOOC is Available Again

Java SE 8 (JDK 8) introduced a fundamentally new way of programming in Java with the introduction of Lambda expressions. Have you ever wondered what Lambda expressions are in Java? Have you ever wanted to write parallel code in Java without worrying about threads and locking? Have you ever wanted to process collections of data without using loops? Have you ever wanted to do functional programming in Java? Answers to these questions can be found in Oracle’s Java Lambda MOOC. If...

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Advanced Management Console 2.3 is Released

Advanced Management Console is a commercial product available as part of Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite. Advanced Management Console helps you manage the use of Java versions and Java applications in your enterprise. The 2.3 version adds the following features: Detection and warning to the user if unsupported versions of the any of the following are used: WebLogic Server, database, or browsers Improved logging of network connection issues in the...

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