JTable: Freezing a column while scrolling the others

Have you ever needed to create a table that is too wide for the view so it requires a horitzonal scrollbar? OK, that's pretty routine. But have you then wanted one (or more) of the columns to remain fixed when you scroll the other columns? Over on the javatutorials portal Collin Fagan has posted an example that shows how to do just that. Check out Row Labels/Frozen Columns. (You'll have to scroll down through several posts to see it.) Thanks Collin! -- Sharon Zakhour

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JTable Examples

Earlier this week I announced the Java Tutorials Community Portal. On the portal there is a forum where you can enjoy tutorial-related chat. To kick things off, I started a thread asking what you would like to see added to the JTable tutorial. I want to thank Collin Fagan (aka aberrant) who has been posting some JTable examples. Please check it out! -- Sharon Zakhour

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Announcing the Java Tutorials Community Portal

You are most likely aware of the community — the place for Java information and collaboration. The Java Tutorials now have a presence on — The Java Tutorials Community Portal. This is the place to talk about the tutorials — how you use them, how you extend them (or would like to), new tutorials you would like to see or even contribute. You can share ideas, curriculum, code examples (either new or modified from existing examples). To participate on the wiki...

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If you program your GUI using Swing, you are probably familiar with the SwingSet2 demo that is bundled with the JDK. SwingSet2 was created for release 1.3 of the JDK. Are you aware that SwingSet3, for use with release Java SE 6 update 10, is now available on This new version, written by Swing expert, Amy Fowler, boasts a slick GUI showcasing the Nimbus look and feel. This demo is visually beautiful and extensible, but what I really love is the new feature that...

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Animation, the Easy Way!

If you've ever programmed animations and thought "there must be an easier way", then today's blog entry is sure to bring welcomed relief. The JavaFXTM Script programming language now supportskey frame animation, which allows you to declare your animations using a simple syntax that resembles plain English. All graphics rendering now happens automatically, behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on the animation at hand rather than the "plumbing" to make it all work. To...

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Searching the Java Tutorials

In the past we have received feedback that it is difficult to search the tutorials. In the banner of every page there is a link to a search page, but some people find the results of a search hard to wade through. Another easy way to find a subject in the tutorials is to use the Really Big Index. This index has always been available, but not everyone has been aware of it. For this most recent release of the tutorial, we have made it easier to find the Really Big Index. If you...

Friday, April 4, 2008 | General | Read More

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