Monday Sep 23, 2013

JavaOne 2013: JavaFX WebView Enhancements

Today, Per Bothner and Anton Tarasov are about to give a BOF entitled Enhanced HTML5 Support and Other Improvements in JavaFX WebView. They will be talking about the new features of the WebView component including the recently added support for HTML5 Web Workers, WebSocket, Web storage, and Web fonts as well as many performance improvements.

Specially for JavaOne, the WebView tutorial was updated to cover the newly supported features of HTML5 and additional printing capabilities of JavaFX WebView. See the following chapters for more information:

JavaOne 2013: JDK 8 Date and Time APIs

At JavaOne 2013, Roger Riggs (Member of Technical Staff at Oracle) and Stephen Colebourne (Member of Technical Staff at OpenGamma) gave a presentation entitled Introducing the Java Time API in JDK 8 [CON6064]. They talked about the primary classes in the API, and how they differ from the java.util date classes. Topics covered included how to write code that deals with calendars, time zones, as well as how to format and parse date and time values.

The new Date-Time trail in the Java Tutorial covers these topics and more, including:

JavaOne 2013: Deploying Java Applications Securely

Monday at JavaOne, Andy Herrick, Mark Howe, and David DeHaven talked about best practices for making Java applets and Java Web Start applications more secure in the Deploying Java Applications Securely conference. Andy, David, and Thomas Ng will also be hosting a BOF session on Tuesday, Java Deployment Security, Features, and Best Practices.

For additional information on secure deployments, see Guidelines for Securing Rich Internet Applications in the Java Tutorials. The Deploying an Applet and Deploying a Java Web Start Application lessons summarize the deployment steps, including security recommendations such as using manifest attributes and signing the JAR file.

The Deployment Rule Set feature for enterprise environments is described in Deployment Rule Set in the Java RIA Development and Deployment guide. This guide also provides a flow chart of how deployment works in Rich Internet Application Deployment Process.

JavaOne 2013: Jump-starting Lambda Programming and The Road to Lambda

At JavaOne 2013, Stuart Marks presented the conference " Jump-starting Lambda Programming," and Paul Sandoz and Brian Goetz presented the conference "The Road to Lambda."

To learn more about lambda, see Lambda Expressions in the Java Tutorials. The conference "Jump-starting Lambda Programming" discusses the new Stream library; see the lesson Bulk Data Operations to learn more about this library. The conference "The Road to Lambda" discusses the new parallel stream libraries; see the section Parallelism for more information.

Pointers to Related Information for the Monday 9/23 JavaOne Enterprise Talks and BOFs

Here are some links that provide additional information for the conference talks and BOF that will be help on Monday, September 23rd:

Java EE 7 Tutorial Updated for JavaOne 2013!

The latest update to the Java EE 7 Tutorial has gone public, just in time for JavaOne 2013. Update 7.0.3 includes several bug fixes and additions to the documentation and examples, and also includes the following new or substantially revised examples:

Follow the instructions in Section 2.1, Required Software to get and install the update.

JavaOne 2013: New Styling Capabilities for Custom Controls

Today at JavaOne 2013, Danno Ferrin is going to talk about Styling Your Custom Components with CSS in JavaFX.
In this session, you will learn how to use the new styling APIs to make your custom controls CSS-stylable.
You can also learn about Customization of UI Controls from the JavaFX UI Controls tutorial.
In addition, review Skinning JavaFX Applications with CSS and JavaFX CSS Reference Guide to get more information about the use of CSS styles and properties available in JavaFX.


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