Thursday Sep 26, 2013

JavaOne 2013: Pointers to Information Related to Oracle Java Embedded Suite

Two JavaOne talks centered on the Oracle Java Embedded Suite:

For more information on Java Embedded Suite 7.0, see the Developer's Guide and Release Notes.

JavaOne 2013: Java Flight Recorder Deep Dive

On Tuesday, September 24, Marcus Hirt (Oracle) gave his presentation at JavaOne 2013 entitled Oracle Java Mission Control: Java Flight Recorder Deep Dive. Java Flight Recorder is the main profiling tool in Java Mission Control starting from the latest release of Oracle JDK 7 update 40. Java Flight Recorder originated from JRockit Flight Recorder as part of the convergence between the HotSpot and Oracle JRockit JVMs.

For more information about Oracle Java Mission Control, see the JMC User's Guide.

For more information about Java Flight Recorder, see the JFR Runtime Guide.

JavaOne 2013: How to Create Your Own JavaFX 8 Controls

Today at JavaOne, Gerrit Grunwald, the senior software engineer of Canoo Engineering AG, will give a presentation titled Be Creative and Create Your Own JavaFX 8 Controls.

This session is supposed to demonstrate various ways to create custom controls including extending an existing control, extending a region, or creating a more library-style control with custom control, skin, behavior, and CSS file. It also will show how to avoid some common performance problems.

You can learn some additional tips for customization of UI controls from the JavaFX UI Controls tutorial. Also, see Skinning JavaFX Applications with CSS and the JavaFX CSS Reference Guide for more information about available CSS styles and how to apply them to JavaFX application UI.

JavaOne 2013: Designing with Lambda Expressions in Java

On Thursday September 26th, Venkat Subramaniam (President , Agile Developer, Inc.) explained how to implement some elegant design ideas with lambda expressions. His presentation focused on design techniques not from diagrams, but by seeing how to realize the ideas in code.

For more information about lambda expressions in general, see the Lambda Expressions section of the Java Tutorial.

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

JavaOne 2013: Converting to the New Date-Time APIs

On Wednesday, September 25th, Xeuming Shen (Oracle), Roger Riggs (Oracle), and Stephen Colebourne (OpenGamma), gave a presentation entitled Converting to the New Date and Time API in JDK 8 [CON6091]. The new Date-Time APIs coming in the JDK 8 release provide an entirely new model for writing date and time code. This session focused on tips and techniques for converting date and time code that was written using the java.util classes, to the new java.time packages.

For more information on the new Date-Time APIs, see the new Date-Time trail in the Java Tutorial. The Legacy Date-Time Code page may be of special interest.

JavaOne 2013: Java Flight Recorder Behind the Scenes

Staffan Larsen, Java Serviceability Architect, Oracle, presented the conference Java Flight Recorder Behind the Scenes [CON5091] , which discusses in detail a new diagnostics tool that is available in the latest JDK 7 update. For more information about this tool, see the Java SE Java Flight Recorder Runtime Guide in the Java SE 7 Documentation.

JavaOne 2013: The Curious Case of JavaScript on the JVM and Teaching the Java Platform with Nashorn

During JavaOne 2013, the following conferences about the Nashorn engine, which can be used to interpret JavaScript code in a Java application or from the command line, were presented:

For more information about Nashorn, see the following sections in the JDK 8 Early Access documentation:

JavaOne 2013: Enhanced Metadata (Annotations) in Java SE 8

On Wednesday, September 25th, Alex Buckley (Oracle), Joe Darcy (Oracle), and Michael Ernst (University of Wisconsin), gave a presentation entitled Enhanced Metadata in Java SE 8 [CON1861]. This presentation outlined the improvements coming to the metadata features of the Java language, specifically type annotations and repeating annotations.

For more information about these new features, see the Annotations lesson in the Java tutorial.

JavaOne 2013: Lambda Expressions

Many conferences and hands-on lab sessions at JavaOne 2013 today feature lambda expressions, such as the following:

For more information about lambda expressions, see the following sections in the Java Tutorials:

Preview the Streams API in the package in the JDK 8 Early Access documentation.

JavaOne 2013: Developing Custom UI Controls

Today, David Grieve will be giving a hands-on-lab to teach how to develop a custom UI control from the ground up. This lab will examine the different approaches to building and customizing a UI control in JavaFX.

In addition to this lab, you can review the JavaFX UI Controls tutorial and the chapter titled Customization of UI Controls. This chapter describes the aspects of UI control customization and summarizes some tips and tricks provided by Oracle to help you modify the appearance and behavior of UI controls.

If your application involves graphical charts, review the Styling Charts with CSS chapter of the JavaFX Charts tutorial to learn more about customization of the JavaFX charts.

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Pointers to Related Information for the Thursday 9/26 JavaOne Enterprise Talks and BOFs

Here are some links that provide background information for the JavaOne sessions and BOFs in the Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies track on Thursday, September 26.

Pointers to Related Information for the Wednesday 9/25 JavaOne Enterprise Talks and BOFs

Here are some links that provide background information for the JavaOne sessions and BOFs in the Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies track on Wednesday, September 25.

JavaOne 2013: Productive UI Design with JavaFX Scene Builder

Today at JavaOne 2013, JavaFX Scene Builder UI Designer, Mo Chicharro, will hold a session, Productive UI Design with JavaFX Scene Builder [CON4260], to show how quickly you can prototype a UI layout using the JavaFX Scene Builder tool. He will also share good practices to help you design with FXML and CSS.

To learn more about JavaFX Scene Builder, see the Scene Builder documentation set which was recently updated for the recently released JavaFX Scene Builder 1.1. This set includes the new document, Using JavaFX Scene Builders with Java IDEs.

JavaOne 2013: JavaFX 3D - The Third Dimension

At JavaOne 2013 on Monday, September 23,  Chien Yang and Kevin Rushforth (both Members of Technical Staff at Oracle) held a session entitled  JavaFX 3D: The Third Dimension [CON7810] . They talked about the new JavaFX 8 3-D features, such as meshes, lights, materials, the coordinate system, the movable camera, and the depth buffer. They also talked about how to mix 2-D and 3-D objects in a single scene graph.

The JavaFX 8 Developer Preview document, Getting Started with JavaFX 3D Graphics, was released especially for JavaOne to introduce the 3D features included in the JavaFX 8 Developer Preview release. It also steps you through the creation of a 3D sample application that uses some of the 3D features.

JavaOne 2013: Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood

Today, Java Language Architect Brian Goetz will give a presentation entitled "Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood." Lambda expressions (closures) and default methods are major additions to JDK 8, enabling new expressive opportunities for applications and libraries. This advanced session looks "under the hood" to explore how lambda expressions are implemented in JDK 8. See Lambda Expressions in the Java Tutorial for an introduction to these new language features.

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