Friday Sep 18, 2015

Java ME 8.2 Released!

Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.2 and Oracle Java ME SDK 8.2 are live on OTN. This is an evolutionary update of the Java ME Embedded platform and Java ME SDK toolchain. Among other features, this release brings an easy installation of the Java ME runtime onto devices and a long-requested support of Java ME SDK on Linux desktops.

The Device Access API version 1.1 includes improvements aiming at easier and more reliable access to peripheral hardware.

For a complete set of Java ME Embedded and SDK documentation and the related API specifications, visit the Java ME documentation portal at

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015

Advanced Management Console 2.0 is Available

Advanced Management Console (AMC) is a commercial product available as part of Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite. AMC helps you manage the use of Java versions and Java applications in your enterprise. With the 2.0 release you can do the following:

  • Collect information about Java applications that are run in your enterprise
  • Identify which versions of Java are installed on desktops that Advanced Management Console manages
  • Analyze the data collected in a web-based user interface
  • Manage and distribute deployment rule sets
  • Configure the MSI file for installing JREs

For more information, see the Release Notes and the Advanced Management Console documentation.

Friday Jun 05, 2015

Oracle Java Card 3 Platform, Classic Edition, version 3.0.5 is now available

Oracle Java Card 3 Platform, Classic Edition, version 3.0.5 is live on OTN. This is a maintenance release that includes many new security features and support for Java SE 7 language enhancements. It also includes a new Eclipse plug-in to assist you in developing Java Card applications. See the Development Kit Release Notes for a complete list of new features.

The new Java Card Platform documentation portal contains the latest versions of the release notes, specifications, API documentation, Development Kit User Guide, and Programming Notes.

The Development Kit User Guide has been updated to describe the new Eclipse Java Card plug-in, including detailed instructions for how to run the sample code included with the platform. Follow the steps in this guide to install the development kit.

Monday Dec 01, 2014

Java EE 7 Docs Have a New Look!

Same content, new look, and some new URLs (apologies for that).

We wanted to make the URL stucture and page style of the Java EE 7 library more consistent with those of the other Java technologies. The contents of the Java EE 7 documentation haven't changed.

You can get to all the documentation for Java EE 7 and previous releases by going to

Until the search robots catch up to the new URLs, you can access the tutorials by removing doc/ from the URL if you get a 404 error. For example,

can be corrected to

Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

Java ME Documentation Survey 2014

The Oracle Java ME documentation team has put together a short survey (7 questions) to help us understand better what type of Java ME documentation you are looking for and how we can improve it:

If you're interested in the Java Embedded technologies and eager to start developing applications for various boards, please, do us a great favor by quickly filling in the survey!

JDK 8u25, 7u71 and 7u72 released!

JDK 8u25, 7u71 and 7u72 releases are now available. You can download these latest JDK releases from Java SE Downloads page.

For information on features and fixes included in these releases, see JDK 8u25 release notes, JDK 7u71 release notes, and JDK 7u72 release notes.

Thursday Oct 02, 2014

JavaOne 2014: Enhanced Metadata in Java SE 8

Wednesday at JavaOne, Joe Darcy and Alex Buckley of Oracle presented Enhanced Metadata in Java SE 8. This session described new features related to annotations and explained how to use annotations with custom type checkers to improve code quality.

For more information on this topic, see the Annotations lesson in the Java Tutorials.

JavaOne 2014: Packaging and Deploying Java Apps in Java 8u20

Today at JavaOne, Danno Ferrin of Oracle presents the session Packaging and Deploying Java Apps in Java 8u20. This session provides information about the new features for the Java Packager and shows you how to integrate them into your build chain.

For more information on this topic, see The Java Packager Tool and Packaging Basics in the Java Platform, Standard Edition Deployment Guide.

JavaOne 2014: Best Practices for Efficient Java ME Programming

Today at JavaOne, Andrey Petushkov (Consulting Member of the Technical Staff, Oracle) hosts the session Best Practices for Efficient Java ME Programming.

You will learn how to use various language and VM features to create memory effective applications. Numerous examples demonstrate the real use cases for the new Java ME 8 platform features.

JavaOne 2014: Java ME Platform Fueled by New Tooling Architecture

Today, Sergey Troshin, a staff engineer at Oracle, hosts the session Java ME Platform Fueled by New Tooling Architecture.

This presentation highlights the new tooling architecture that turns a resource-constrained Java ME Embedded system into a developer-friendly and manageable platform. You will learn about various tools, services, and extensions that can be provided atop the architecture.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

JavaOne 2014: JavaFX 8, New and Noteworthy

Monday at JavaOne, Kevin Rushforth and Steve Northover of Oracle presented JavaFX 8: New and Noteworthy at JavaOne. This talk described features added to JavaFX 8.

For more information on JavaFX 8 features, see:

JavaFX documentation is available at

JavaOne 2014: Lambda Expressions in Java ME Embedded

Today at JavaOne, Sergey Troshin, a staff engineer at Oracle, gives a presentation on Lambda Expressions in Java ME Embedded.

Lambda expressions, the most important feature of Java 8, are tightly integrated into the entire Java platform. In this presentation, you learn how lambda expressions can be leveraged in the Java ME embedded.

JavaOne 2014: Java ME 8 Scales from the Desktop to Tiny Embedded

Today, Terrence Barr, a senior technologist and principal product manager for Java ME, will be talking about new Java ME 8 features — such as profile sets and optional APIs, modular services, shared libraries, peripheral device I/O, and more.

From his presentation you can learn how to create hardware-independent and scalable software that delivers embedded intelligence across a variety of embedded use cases.

Find more information about Java ME Embedded 8 at the Java ME documentation portal.

Monday Sep 29, 2014

JavaOne 2014: The Java Time API in Java SE 8

Monday, Roger Riggs of Oracle gave a presentation about The Java Time API in Java SE 8. This API was introduced in JDK 8 and makes it easier for developers to write date-and-time-based code.

For more information on this API, see the Date Time Trail in the Java Tutorials.

JavaOne 2014: Security with Java Deployment

Monday at JavaOne, David DeHaven and Chris Bensen of Oracle gave a presentation on Security with Java Deployment, which covers the changes that were made in the deployment security model over the past few years. Best practices were also discussed.

For additional information about the topics covered, see the following Java documentation:


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