Thursday Nov 30, 2006

jMaki supports PHP 5


Via TheAquarium, the latest jMaki release now supports PHP 5! See Greg's blog for details on how to use jMaki to add reuseable Ajax enabled widgets to your PHP application.

The jMaki beta is scheduled for next week. See Carla's blog describing some of the other features available in the release candidate.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2006

Web 2.0 : Jargon or Buzzword?

Are you someone who is afraid or proud of ever sounding like a geek? Kathy Sierra recently wrote an interesting blog on the benefit of using jargons. She also argues that "web 2.0" is more like a jargon (good) than a buzzword (bad). Whether you agree with her stand on "web 2.0", or disagree, the blog would definitely help a closet geek to come out and talk all that jargon! :-D

Monday Nov 20, 2006

Why Use Java DB For Web Client Storage?

In his recent blog, David Van Couvering writes about the value of a relational database when implementing local storage in web clients. Some of the key benefits he sees include ACID transactions, query capabilities, joins and well-established standards etc. Check out David's blog and find out why he also favors JavaDB in particular.

Thursday Nov 16, 2006

SDN Channel - Jump into JavaScript is Live

The JavaScript edition of SDN channel is live at Find out what's happening with JavaScript including all the tools and resources that can be leveraged to build dynamic web solutions. News from this month includes an interview with Roberto Chinnici as he discusses the benefits of Phobos; Ed Burns talks about JSF and why server-side frameworks are so important. Keep an eye out for the SDN channel, cuz more exciting news are coming your way!

Wednesday Nov 15, 2006

Phobos Meets Atom, REST

In his recent blog, Roberto discusses some interesting aspects of building the application atomserver, which is an implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol v9 in Phobos. The application also uses some new REST libraries. For more details, please check out Roberto's blog.

Monday Nov 13, 2006

New jMaki release supports Mochikit, Dojo and NetBeans plugin


Via TheAquarium, jMaki is a framework that provides a lightweight model for reusable Ajax-enabled widgets. The lastest (.5.1) release of jMaki includes:

  • Most significant in this release are the jMaki Layouts which are available in the Netbeans Plugin with templates.
  • Improvements to the widget.json configuration files to provide better property editing support in Netbeans.
  • Mochikit 1.3.4 support
  • Dojo is now updated to the shipping .4
  • Yahoo YUI Widgets has been updated to .11.4
  • Value Change Listner Support was add to the JSF component view of jMaki
  • Many updates to the current widget set

At the same time, the jMaki NetBeans plugin was updated to include a new stylized JSP wizard. See a previous Aquarium entry for more info.

More on Debugging in Phobos Using NetBeans

Hot on the heels of Pramod's blog about how to set up the debugging feature in NetBeans for Phobos, Roberto is giving us more details on the new features of NetBeans including how to develope and debug a Phobos application. Hopefully with the help of both Pramod's and Roberto's nice demonstration, not to mention the cool features in NetBeans, your adventure into Phobos will be a breeze. Let us know what you think!

Thursday Nov 09, 2006

ServerSide Javascript Debugging in Netbeans for Phobos

If you think debugging a JavaScript program is hard, try debugging a server side JavaScript program. Things get really tricky real fast. Matt Stevens, Ludo and Roberto come to the rescue! They have been working on a NetBeans plugin for debugging those server side JavaScripts in Phobos. Pramod was kind enough to provide the steps on how to setup the debugger. Before a stable build is available, it still takes a few steps to set things up. But it is worth it!

Web 2.0 Summit Highlights

The third annual Web 2.0 Summit is happening in San Francisco. The LaunchPad is a popular event where pre-elected startups show up their stuff to the audience. For a summary of all the companies presenting this year at LaunchPad, see Michael Arrington's blog. Richard MacManus also provided a review of the Web 2.0 Summit LaunchPad. Check them out!

Wednesday Nov 08, 2006

New Stylized JSP wizards for NetBeans jMaki Users

Ludo and Greg have been working hard to provide new Ajax jMaki plugins. Ludo has just reported that a new set of JSP wizards is now available to create JSP files following well defined CSS styles. See more details at Ludo's blog.

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

RoR and Blojsom and more Web 2.0 Apps on Sun Web Server

Rails Logo

Via TheAquarium, Sun's WebServer 7.0 provides a Java Web Tier as well as good connectivity (NSAPI, Fast-CGI) with many non-Java applications. As an example of the former, Seema also shows how to run Blojsom, which follows from Blojsom on GlassFish, as did our previously reported Phobos on Web Server. As an example of the latter, Seema describes in detail how to Run Ruby On Rails.

All together, the Sun WebServer is a good Web 2.0 Platform, and it will get better as one will be able to run the latest Java Web Tier by Plugging the GlassFish Web Tier.

New NetBeans 5.5 Plugin for jMaki

Snapshot of NB screen with jMaki Plugin

Via TheAquarium, Greg and Ludo have posted a new screencast showing the NetBeans 5.5 plugin for jMaki. The Plugin shows a palette of widgets and lets you create a project using jMaki, drop a widget into a presentation page (like JSP), and then customize via an editor the properties of the jMaki widget. The development cycle is very fast since all that happens is a that a new (JSP) page is reloaded. Simple, useful and very compelling.

The jMaki Web Site has much more information including a Get Started section, a Gallery of Widgets (33 when I checked), the actual jMaki plugin, the screencast, and much more. Check it out!

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Tuesday Oct 31, 2006

The Habits of Highly Effective Web 2.0 Sites

Dion Hinchcliffe, after his popular blog "Best Web 2.0 Software List", has recently written about the habits of highly effective Web 2.0 sites. Looking beyond Ajax and the visual site design aspect of Web 2.0, Dion tries to "capture the deeper design patterns and business models that seem to be powering the most successful Web sites and online companies today". He concludes that the essentials of leveraging Web 2.0 include ease of use, aggressively add feedback loops to everything, continuous release cycles etc etc. See Dion's blog here.

Thursday Oct 26, 2006

Firefox, JavaScript, and the Future of the Web

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavasScript, gave the final keynote at the Ajax Experience Conference. He showcased some of the new features in JavaScript 1.7 that are shipped with Firefox 2.0, and talked about the future of JavaScript and the Web. He also addressed some concerns and controversies over JavaScript. "His honesty is a breath of fresh air." See Brendan Eich's presentation now available online.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

JRuby JSR-223 engine uses version 0.9.1

A. Sundararajan has just announced that JSR 223 JRuby script engine at has been updated to use the newly released JRuby 0.9.1. Check out A. Sundararajan's announcement and what's new in JRuby 0.9.1.




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