It is CX a new concept?

The actual expansion of Customer Experience models depends on two previous facts: the expansion of the social media, and the impact of the new advanced features of mobile devices regarding brand-customer interaction.

CXsers vs UXers

First there is some need of disambiguity between User Experience and Customer Experience. User Experience -UX, is a much well established concept related with the design of user interactions for particular devices. UX people are interested on multiple touch points of digital interfaces while CX people are interested on all kind of interfaces including physical ones. UX is an evolution of Web Usability, while CX is a marketing concept. UX is an instrument of User Experience. CX in fact is all about Connections and Interactions.


To market effectively means to connect with people, and the best way to connect to people is to use the connections people have with other people: understanding Social Media connections and taking the customer pulse of customers on those medias, and are strong facilitators of CX strategies. 


We can very simply define CX as the relationship that a customer establishes with a brand through multiple touch points (interactions, channels) through the entire life cycle of his relationship- direct or indirect with the brand. Interactions can be grouped on Customer Journeys through multiple touch points defined as the path a customer follows to achieve a goal.


A customer journey today usually starts at the moment he surfs the Web, then he takes a purchase decision; purchases the product;  request a particular service and finally recommends or do not recommends the product.  Customer Journeys are processes, and to analyze customer journeys there exists today a broad offering of modern Customer Journey tools very similar actually to the use cases or UML activity diagrams for IT systems design. As a summary CX is nothing more and nothing less than applying process analysis methods for better understanding how to create value through customer interactions across the multiple user´s touch points with the brand.


"UX is an evolution of Web Usability".

No, it isn't. Web Usability is a subset of UX design, since UX design applies to all kinds of software and hardware, and has done since long before the web existed. (Though in those days, it was more likely to be known by one of its many other monikers, such as usability engineering, or just HCI/MMI/UI design.)

Posted by Calum on July 05, 2012 at 06:52 AM PDT #

¡Hola Isabel,
it feels a little odd (to me!) how you define and describe the distinction between CX and UX. To me UX embraces CX. It is a concept and term established in the late 1980s. Don Norman led the User Experience team at Apple to emphasize the fact that their users and customers have an interaction with the products long before the first double click and long after uninstalling or recycling the hardware. e.g. Apple's package design is legendary. We both know how this builds loyalty to the brand as such.
But this is –as said– just my perspective, and is due to our different backgrounds.
If I would be asked to distinguish between CX and UX, I would say that the customer is not the same as the user in all cases. Quite often in enterprise contexts, the purchase decision is made by other people compared to the employees who have to use the products later on. Therefore the requirements coming from customers can be quite different from actual user requirements. And we, the product&service designers, have to consider other means how to approach users and/or customers.

Posted by mprove on July 05, 2012 at 09:31 AM PDT #

Hello Calum,
according to trustworthy sources UX and CX have both been invented by the Scotts.

Posted by mprove on July 06, 2012 at 02:40 AM PDT #

@mathias, actually yes, I was arguing than CX embraces UX, but I agree than from another angle is just the opposite. Mi main point was the need to make some clarification on the two terms often confused. I would say than in every CX project you need UX specialists (but not the opposite) that is why I have made CX bigger from the marketing angle.

Posted by Isabel Fernández Peñuelas on July 06, 2012 at 04:45 AM PDT #

Hi Calum

Strictly you are right, probably I should rather said that many of the UX gurus are primarily Web Usability gurus as Jacob Nielsen (UX boom and Web are closely related) but not every touchpoint in a CX design involves a computer (SW/HW). Customers interact also with people physically. In the CX design also emotions/purchase decisions... needs to be addressed. It is maybe more appropriate to use the word "Dimension" for UX rather than "Instrument" regards CX.

Posted by guest on July 06, 2012 at 05:13 AM PDT #

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