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Your Data Center is Your (Cloud) Computer

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Doug (Division VP) and Lew (CTO) have started fleshing out
Sun's Cloud


Lew has given several interviews; check
title="Overcast Show #5: Dec 11, 2008 - with Lew Tucker, Sun Microsystems">@Overcast (podcast available) and
title="Your Data Center Is Your Computer">@IW. From the latter:

We see a future where there are a bunch of clouds, both public and private clouds, and companies will be able to build scalable apps that are self-provisioning.

From Dave, you can check out his
Chalk Talk
and listen to his
BlogTalk Radio.

The Cloud terminology seems to be settling into SAAS, PAAS and IAAS; see
[title="Cloud Relationship Model">1],
[title="Demystifying The Cloud: Where Do SaaS, PaaS and Other Acronyms Fit In?">2],
[title="Cloud Services Continuum">3]
[title="Understanding the Cloud Computing/SaaS/PaaS markets: a Map of the Players in the Industry ">4].
I expect continued diversity in the technologies used but Sun's software portfolio
- including
Q-layer -
seems well suited to several markets, including private enterprise clouds.

Thanks to Vijay for the initial
tips on the terminology

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