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Dru is raising the often repeated question of
Hosting Java Apps.

I'm interested in what people are doing today, so I'd encourage you to check his note and
post your thoughts there, or here.
I'll summarize the answers / comments here for convenience, grouped by origin.

Added - Please keep posting leads and experiences; this will be very useful.

The following are >Comments in Dru's blog:

• Dru mentions GoDaddy has Tomcat, but they restart all TCs daily.

• Cay points out that Java Hosting would support Java teaching.

• Ryan suggests GFv3 will be useful, but that hosting has specific admin needs.

• Kumar uses virtual servers at GoDaddy.

• smayzak suggests Kattare.COM (but only has TC, Resin & JBoss, no GF)

• mbosch suggests VPS with Virtualization and mentions

ccombs recommends virtual servers through
eapps.com (soon w/ GF).

• jwynacht has been using

• straun had collected
jHosts but now
recommends RimuHosting for VPS and dedicated.

• Arvind also recommends RimuHosting.

• hchaudh1 provides another recommendation for eapps.com.

On this spotlight, we have
these comments:

• Lars suggests dedicated servers - he mentions
[2] or VPS - no names yet.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Lars Tackmann Sunday, March 2, 2008

    I go with dedicated servers or a powerfull VPS.

    As for dedicated servers it is important that they have a remote management console (not PLEX) such that I can fiddle with the BIOS directly, mount ISO images remotely etc..

    I have found two good ones in Europe:



    In the VPS department I have yet to found one that offers sufficient amounts of memory at prices competitive with dedicated servers.

    One interesting solution could be to go with Amazon EC2, as this has a fair price and powerful hardware. If only the would let me purchase IP addresses and perhaps had a smaller price plan (the minimum server they offer is more than enough for my needs).

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